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Ref ID: 36723
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Yanchong, Cheah
Title: The ancient culture of the Tai people: the impact of the Hua Xia culture on it and its implications
Date: 1988
Source: Journal of the Siam Society
Abstract: The Tai people in this paper refers, in general, to nationalities of the Thai-Tai family, who are Thai people in Thailand, Laotians in Laos, Tai people in Vietnam, Shan people in Burma, Tai people in Assam, India, Dai people in Yunnan, China, and others, while Hua Xia refers to the Han people in ancient China. Nationalities of the Thai-Tai family had a common ancient culture prior to their acceptance of Theravada Buddhism, the main characte11istic of which was that there were relatively evident influences of the Hua Xia culture on it. We are to deal with in the following the impact of the Hua Xia culture on Tai people's beliefs, calendar, place names, administrative divisions, regimes, etc.
Volume: 76
Page Start: 227
Page End: 244