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Ref ID: 30895
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Nguyen Kim Dung,
Title: Nghien cuu dau vet su dung tren cong cu hang Xom Trai [ The study of using traces on the stone tools of Xom Trai cave (Hoa Binh culture)]
Date: 1994
Source: Khao Co Hoc
Language: Vietnamese
Notes: Diacriticals from original publication not included
Abstract: This paper should present our firsthand research of the using traces on the stone tools at the Xom Trai cave. The using traces left on the Xom Trai artifacts are not abundant in quantity but types, which is the prove of the intensive economical life of Hoabinh people especially in hunting-gathering. The predomination of polishes and scratches is proof of using tools working on the plant subjects. We support the opinion of Professor Ha Van Tan, of Thai archaeologist Bannanurag, and of some others that one of the functions of Hoabinh tools is to produce the bamboo and wooden tools (wood-working). To be rather original, the bluntness and chipped traces left on Xom Trai tools with big working edge angles, should manifest such kinds of works as striking and chopping the fruit of still alive mollusks for getting meat out. However this hypthesis needs to be proved by experiments.
Date Created: 5/28/2004
Number: 91
Page Start: 35
Page End: 46