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Ref ID: 30765
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Nguyen Kim Dung,
Title: Nghien cuu ky thuat co trong nhung nam gan day [ Study of ancient technique in recent years]
Date: 1998
Source: Khao Co Hoc
Language: Vietnamese
Notes: Diacriticals from original publication not included
Abstract: In the reent years, the study field of ancient technique has had considerable progress. In the north, the study project of the ancient handicraft manufacturing centres has been carried out as a ministry - standard theme. It mainly generalizes and studies the data of ancient handicraft technique through the ancient excavations and investigations. Meanwhile, there has been concentration of the effort to trace the mining and ancient metallurgy in the north mountainous areas. The north - east coastal region have been also investigated to trace the mining, transportation of jade and jade mines in the limestone areas such as Trang Kenh, Hoanh Bo, Dong Trieu. Ancient technique have been also initially studied in the South Provinces, especially the East part of Nam BO.
Date Created: 6/11/2004
Number: 107
Page Start: 47
Page End: 53