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Ref ID: 30679
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Schipani, Steven
van der Haar, Frits
Sinawat, Sangsom
Maleevong, Kandavasee
Title: Dietary intake and nutritional status of young children in families practicing mixed home garderning in northeast Thailand
Date: 2002
Source: Food and Nutrition Bulletin
Abstract: One current initiative to assist rural Thai families to increase home food production and security is the implementation of home gardens that produce fish, small animals, and vegetables. This paper presents the results of an investigation comparing seasonal dietary intake and nutritional status among northeastern Thai children in mixed-gardening and nongardening families (n = 30 for each group). Assignment to the gardening group was based on the presence of a mixed garden, whereas nongardening subjects were randomly selected and matched for comparison. Statistical analysis (paired t-test) indicated that there was no significant difference in the observed biochemical variables (serum retinol, ferritin, hemoglobin) between groups at the p ¡Ü .05 level. Nutritional status in regard to height-for-weight, weight-for-age, and weight-for-height Z scores was better among children of gardening families, although the differences were not significant. The small sample size and reported results indicate that the relationship between the practice of mixed home gardening and dietary intake and nutritional status needs further investigation.
Date Created: 7/27/2004
Volume: 23
Number: 2
Page Start: 175
Page End: 180