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Ref ID: 30582
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: McHenry, Henry M.
Schulz, Peter D.
Title: The association between Harris lines and enamel hypoplasia in prehistoric California Indians
Date: 1976
Source: American Journal of Physical Anthropology
Abstract: Hypoplastic defects of tooth enamel and Harris lines in the long bones have been heralded as potentially useful indicators of health conditions in prehistoric populations. Both result from temporary cessation of growth processes due to similar types of disease, malnutrition, or other metabolic insult. An association test for the first six years of life was conducted on a large series of prehistoric California Indians, using femora and canines from young adults. No significant association was found. This is ascribable to differences in etiology and stability.
Date Created: 12/10/2004
Volume: 44
Page Start: 507
Page End: 512