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Ref ID: 30543
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Li, Xinwei
Title: Ritual and residential: the Bang River and Laohushan River surverys, Aohan Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, China
Date: 2004
Source: Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
Notes: Proceedings of the 17th Congress of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association Taipei, Taiwan 9 to 15 September 2002
Abstract: Since the 1980s, the Chifeng region of Inner Mongolia has become an important area in the exploration of the origin of Chinese civilization. This paper reports the results of a recent field project conducted by the author in two river valleys in Chifeng. The residential sites found in the Lower Bang River valley exhibit an obvious settlement hierarchy, which can be regarded as conforming to a typical local chiefdom level polity. The ritual sites found in the Upper Laohushan River valley reinforce the existence of 'sacred places' in the Hongshan period. The author argues that a spatial separation of secular and sacred lives was a most important characteristic of Hongshan societies.
Date Created: 9/19/2005
Volume: 24
Page Start: 103
Page End: 112