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Ref ID: 30362
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Burley, David
Title: Mid-sequence archaeology at the Sigatoka Sand Dunes with interpretive implications for Fijian and Oceanic culture history
Date: 2005
Source: Asian Perspectives (2005)
Abstract: Continued erosion of the Sigatoka Sand Dunes on the western coast of Viti Levu, Fiji has exposed discrete assemblages of ceramics associated with all phases of Fijian prehistory. Excavations here in 2000 investigated stratigraphically separated occupation floors associated with Fijian Plainware and Navatu phase components, respectively radiocarbon dated to between ca. 450-550 C.E. and 550-650 C.E. The excavations and analysis of recovered data allow for a clarification of previous misunderstandings of the mid-sequence occupation at the site as well as its associated uses and features. These data further bear upon the Plainware/Navatu phase transition for Fiji as a whole. In the Lau Islands of southeastern Fiji this transition is described as abrupt and attributable to influences or a population movement from Vanuatu. Mid-sequence ceramic and other data from Sigatoka illustrate a similar break that potentially represents different cultural traditions.
Date Created: 2/1/2006
Volume: 44
Number: 2
Page Start: 320
Page End: 348