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Ref ID: 29874
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Hoang Xuân Chinh,
Bui Van Tien,
Title: The Dongson culture and cultural centers in the metal age of Vietnam
Date: 1983
Source: Asian Perspectives (1980)
Notes: Listed on Scholar Space as <i>Asian Perspectives</i>, 1983
Abstract: Introduction: In the past we have studied the Hung Vuong period and have achieved some significant results, the most important of which is that the Huang Vuong period has been shown to exist as part of Vietnamese history. However, our research has thus far been limited to only the deltas of the Hong River, the Ma River, and the Ca River. After the liberation of the South, we took an opportunity to extend our study into the southern part of our country. We have studied not only the coastal areas in the central part, but also the deltas of the Dong Nai River, the Vam Co River, and other areas. Newly collected data give us an opportunity to study the Dongson Culture in a new perspective, and they provide us with a broader base to understand the metal age and clarify the picture of the beginning of our country. It is still too early to discuss in great detail every aspect of the complicated relationships in the metal age of Vietnam. However, it is time for us to present a simple sketch of the beginning of the metal age in our country, and also a general discussion about the Dongson Culture. The ideas presented here are no more than hypothetical.
Date Created: 9/10/2007
Volume: 23
Number: 1
Page Start: 55
Page End: 65