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Ref ID: 29242
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Wright, Henry T.
Rakotoarisoa, J. A.
Heurtebize, G.
Vérin, Pierre
Title: The evolution of settlement systems in the Efaho River Valley, Anosy : a preliminary report on the archaeological reconnaissances of 1983-1986
Date: 1993
Source: Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
Abstract: Survey and excavation in the Efaho river valley in southeastern Madagascar have produced a sequence of four cultural phases dating from the tenth to the nineteenth centuries AD. Early coastal settlements indicate a reliance on fishing and cattle herding, while later ones, concerned more on river valley terraces, indicate a growing reliance on wet rice cultivation. Settlement patterns also indicate the appearance of a pattern of larger centres and smaller satellite villages during the third of the four phases
the first two phases show no signs of a settlement hierarchy. The report also describes local pottery in detail and refers to the use of imported ceramics for dating purposes.
Date Created: 3/31/2009
Volume: 13
Page Start: 61
Page End: 93