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Ref ID: 28114
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Nguyen Kim Dung,
Title: Jewelery from late prehistoric sites recently excavated in South Viet Nam
Date: 2001
Source: Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
Abstract: This paper focuses on the rich collection of jewelry from some recent excavations along the Dong Nai and Vam Co rivers in southern Viet Nam. The sites include settlements and jar burial sites such as Go Cao Su, Co Hang, Go Dung, Long Buu, Going Phet and Giong Ca Vo, all of which have yielded jewelry of agate, carnelian, garnet, rock crystal, nephrite, bronze, iron and gold, as well as terracotta. The sites are dated from about 500 BC to AD 100 by C-14 charcoal dating and typological analysis. A continuous cultural sequence exists within these collections, running from pre-Oc Eo cultures into the Oc Eo phase.
Date Created: 9/15/2014
Volume: 21
Page Start: 107
Page End: 113