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Ref ID: 28103
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Evans, Grant
Title: The Ai-Lao and Nan Chao/Tali Kingdom: a re-orientation
Date: 2014
Source: Journal of the Siam Society
Abstract: Debates concerning the origins of the Thai or the Lao have not yet laid to rest the notion that the Ai-lao of west Yunnan and the peoples of the Nan Chao kingdoms are their ancestors. Such ideas are common-place in Laos, for example. This is partly because refutations have been presented in a fragmentary way. The following essay attempts a definitive refutation. This, however, is simply a prelude to presenting a strong case for the inclusion of the Nan Chao kingdom among the ancient states of Southeast Asia. In doing so the essay also shows how Nan Chao played an important role in the spread of Tai peoples across mainland Southeast Asia.
Date Created: 10/8/2014
Volume: 102
Page Start: 221
Page End: 256