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Ref ID: 27969
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Gani, Nicholas
Bujeng, Velat
Chia, Stephen
Title: Archaeological survey and excavation at Gua Tupak, Bau, Sarawak
Date: 2009
Source: Sarawak Museum Journal
Notes: Introduction: Archaeological survey of the limestone cave complex located in Bau, Sarawak was carried out by a research team from the Centre for Global Archaeological Research, Universiti Sains Malaysia in cooperation with staff from the Sarawak Museum Department, Kuching from 29 November to 12 December 2007. The main aim of the archaeological survey was to search for a potential archaeological site for the author's Masters degree study. A total of eleven sites were surveyed and the results suggested only one potential site, namely Gua Tupak, for further archaeological excavations and research. This paper presents a preliminary report on the results of the archaeological survey and excavations, as well as the analyses of the excavated artefacts from Gua Tupak, Bau Sarawak.
Date Created: 3/24/2015
Volume: 66
Number: 87
Page Start: 185
Page End: 197