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Ref ID: 27761
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Lepvrier, C.
Maluski, H.
Vu Van Tich,
Leyreloup, A.
Phan Truong Thi,
Nguyen Van Vuong,
Title: The early Triassic Indosinian Orogeny in Vietnam (Truong Son Belt and Kontum Massif): implications for the geodynamic evolution of Indochina
Date: 2004
Source: Tectonophysics
DOI: 10.1016/j.tecto.2004.07.030
Abstract: New structural field data at various scale and 40Ar- 39Ar geochronological results, from the basement rocks in the Truong Son belt and Kontum Massif of Vietnam, confirm that ductile deformation and high-temperature metamorphism were caused by the Early Triassic event of the Indosinian Orogeny in the range of 250-240 Ma. A compilation of isotopic data obtained in other countries along the Sibumasu-Indochina boundary broadly indicates same interval of ages. This tectonothermal event is interpreted as the result of a synchronous oblique collision of Indochina with both Sibumasu and South China, inducing dextral and sinistral shearing along E-W to NW-SE and N-S fault zones, respectively. The collision along Song Ma follows the northwards subduction of Indochina beneath South China and the subsequent development of the Song Da zone which in turn was affected by the Late Triassic Indosinian phase of shortening. Within the Indochina plate, internal collisions occurred coevally in the Early Triassic, as along the Poko suture, at the western border of the Kontum Massif.
Date Created: 2/24/2016
Volume: 393
Page Start: 87
Page End: 118