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Ref ID: 27697
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Li, F.-J.
Want, M.-H.
Fu, X.-G.
Doubney, K.
Li, Z.
Chen, B.-Y.
Yu, C.
Title: Dismembered neolithic burials at the Ding Si Shan site in Guangxi, southern China
Date: 2013
Source: Antiquity
Abstract: Since the autumn of 1996, very abundant archaeological discoveries were found in Ding Si Shan Site, including dismembered burials. The early Neolithic cultural complex revealed at the Ding Si Shan Site, represents an important opportunity to address key questions related to activities at the site itself, as well as to its broader significance in the development of the southern Chinese and East Asian Neolithic. In its broader context, Ding Si Shan is located in a region midway between (and potentially connecting) the early Holocene foraging and agricultural communities of North and Southeast Asia. The authors hoped to introduce their present developments for studying this kind of intriguing burial, and expect to promote more cooperation in the future.
Date Created: 4/18/2016
Volume: 87
Number: 337