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Ref ID: 27371
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Nguyen Kim Dung,
Title: The Sa Huynh culture in ancient regional trade networks: a comparative study of ornaments
Date: 2017
Source: Terra Australis
Abstract: Research on the Sa Huynh culture (ca 2500–1980/1800 BP) has been ongoing for more than a century, since the Sa Huynh site was discovered and excavated by French archaeologists in 1909. Hundreds of Sa Huynh jar-burial sites have been discovered from the coastal plains to the inland highlands and offshore islands in Central and Southern Vietnam. Numerous significant ritual objects and ornaments have been recovered in association with the jar burials and provide evidence for the wide geographic distribution of trading contacts across Southeast Asia during the Sa Huynh Period. This paper focuses on a comparative study of ornaments manufactured from semi-precious stone, metals and glass recovered from Sa Huynh jar-burial sites with those from contemporary sites across Southeast Asia and demonstrates how Sa Huynh society played a significant role in regional trade networks during the Iron Age.
Date Created: 3/27/2017
Volume: 45
Page Start: 311
Page End: 332