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Ref ID: 26853
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Zhushchikhovskaya, Irina S.
Nikitin, Yury G.
Title: Ceramic firing structures in prehistoric and ancient societies of the Russian Far East
Date: 2015
Source: Asian Perspectives (2014)
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Abstract: Archaeological records reveal the history of pottery and roof-tile firing devices in the southern part of the Russian Far East, the neighboring Korean Peninsula, and northeast China. Chronological parameters are from the first millennium b.c. through the thirteenth century a.d., including the Palaeometal period of the Prehistory epoch, Pre-State period, and Early States epoch. Different types of firing kilns varied in complexity of form and technology, including the tunneled sloping kiln, manthou kiln, and vertical up-draught kiln. These specific characteristics reflect the involvement of the ancient southern Russian Far East in the processes of cultural interaction within the larger East Asia region.
Date Created: 3/20/2018
Volume: 53
Number: 2
Page Start: 121
Page End: 149