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Ref ID: 26689
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Rangkuti, Nurhadi
Fauzi, Mohammad Ruly
Title: Archaeological evidence from Purwo Agung site (Karang Agung Tengah): a new perspective on Pre-Srivijayan settlement in the coastal area of South Sumatra
Date: 2019
Source: Archaeological Research in Asia
DOI: 10.1016/j.ara.2019.01.004
Notes: In press at time of entry
Abstract: The discovery of a new site in the Karang Agung Tengah area provides new insights into Pre-Srivijayan settlement along the southeast coast of Sumatra. At this site, hundreds of potsherds were recovered together with other archaeological materials including human remains associated with burial practices. Although the area has produced valuable information about the early settlements before the Srivijayan period, archaeological materials from prior excavations are still poorly understood. In this paper, we provide a detailed study of the pottery assemblage from a controlled excavation conducted at Purwo Agung. We identify at least two major groups of pottery from Fine Pottery and Coarse Pottery, along with three subcategories. Some unusual features of the Fine Pottery suggest it may have been imported to the region. We also describe similarities burial practices between the coastal and inland settlement based on a Jar-burial discovered at the site. These findings indicate trade and cultural exchange during the Protohistoric period was more extensive than previously known.
Date Created: 2/4/2019