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Ref ID: 26416
Ref Type: Conference Paper
Authors: Gani, Nicholas
Title: Technology and organisation of salt production in the Kelabit-Keryan Highlands of Central Borneo
Date: 2012
Source: Technology, Science, Social Science and Humanities International Conference (TeSSHI) 2012
Place of Publication: Langkawi, Malaysia
Abstract: In the Kelabit-Kerayan highlands of Central Borneo, salt plays a highly significant role socio-economically and culturally. Throughout history, salt is not only an important trade commodity, but also functions as gifts and signifiers of identity and wealth. However, most of the existing literature has focused on the salt-making process as well as the cultural and economic values of salt among the Kelabit. This paper focuses on the salt production of the Lun Dayeh community in the Kerayan region. Specifically, the technology and organisation of salt production of two different salt sites
Long Midang and Pa Kebuan, will be compared and discussed. Although the results are still preliminary, this study intends to highlight the various possible factors determining the type of technology and organisation employed by the salt-making communities.
Date Created: 3/31/2014