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Ref ID: 25649
Ref Type: Book Section in a Series
Authors: Enfield, N. J.
Title: Lao linguistics in the 20th century and since
Date: 2008
Source: Recherches nouvelles sur le Laos
Place of Publication: Paris
Publisher: École française d'Extrême-Orient
Edition: 18
Notes: Alternate title: New research on Laos
Abstract: This article discusses research on Lao, the national language of Laos, over the last 100 years. The main focus is on grammatical and other typological-descriptive work, as well as lexicography and pedagogical material. It also discusses the position of Lao in research on the Tai family of languages, on language contact and multilingualism, and on the broader context of language use. The final sections point to the status of Lao as just one of dozens of languages spoken in Laos, many of which are endangered and in urgent need of research.
Date Created: 9/29/2008
Editors: Goudineau, Yves
Lorrillard, Michel
Volume: 18
Page Start: 435
Page End: 452
Series Title: Études thématiques