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Ref ID: 25244
Ref Type: Book Section in a Series
Authors: Knecht, Heidi
Title: Early Upper Paleolithic Approaches to Bone and Antler Projective Technology
Date: 1993
Source: Hunting and Animal Exploitation in the Later Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Eurasia
Publisher: American Anthropological Association
Abstract: Results of a study of Early Upper Paleolithic bone and antler projectile points indicate that different strategies of design, manufacture, and performance of projectile technology were emphasized throughout the Early Upper Paleolithic. An integrated analysis of morphology and wear, as well as experimentation in the production and use of various Early Upper Paleolithic projectile technologies has demonstrated that, while there is change through time in Early Upper Paleolithic projectile technology, there are considerable similarities among contemporaneous approaches to organic projectile technology. Moreover, while Aurignacian organic projectile technology was the same throughout western Europe, Gravettian organic projectile point design varied among regions.
Identifier: 0-913167-61-4
Date Created: 7/23/2019
Editors: Peterkin, Gail Larsen
Bricker, Harvey M
Mellars, Paul
Number: 4
Page Start: 33
Page End: 48
Series Editor: Clark, G. A.
Series Title: Archeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association