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Ref ID: 23565
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: McKinnon, E. Edwards
Djafar, H
Soeroso, M. P.
Title: Tarumanegara?: A note on discoveries at Batujaya and Cibuaya, West Java
Date: 1998
Source: Southeast Asian Archaeology 1994: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archeologists
Place of Publication: Hull
Publisher: Centre for South-East Asian Studies, University of Hull
Abstract: Between 1985 and 1989, archaeologists from The University of Indonesia and the National Research Center for Archaeology, Jakarta, undertook extensive surveys and identified two extremely important early proto-historical sites with brick-built remains at Batujaya and Cibuaya (West Java). They appear to offer evidence of a continuity of occupation from the prehistoric, through the protohistoric to the historical period. Initial observations suggest a connection between the Batujaya site and the Purnavarman inscription site in the hills west of Bogor. Chinese historical references mention early polities known variously as To-lo-mo and Ko-ying, thought to have existed in the western part of Java during the first millennium AD. Finds of a fragment of "Rouletted" pottery, together with glass and stone beads at Batujaya, link the site to the early metal age "Buni" Complex. The brick-built remains appear to be among the earliest known in Indonesia. This note summarises progress in investigations up to the end of 1993.
Date Created: 10/5/2009
Editors: Manguin, Pierre-Yves
Volume: 1
Page Start: 147
Page End: 159