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Ref ID: 23179
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: Supajanya, T.
Title: Tentative correlation of old shorelines around the Gulf of Thailand
Date: 1983
Source: Proceedings of the First Symposium on Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology of Thailand, 28-29 October 1983
Place of Publication: Bangkok
Publisher: Department of Mineral Resources, Thailand
Language: Thai
Notes: In Thai, with English abstract.
Abstract: Old shore-lines of several places around the Gulf of Thailand have been delineated by basing on date derived from interpretation of aerialphotograph, LANDSAT imagery, and topographic map. Result of preliminary study indicates that, a shoreline having its position related to the location of ancient site found within the area, can be tentatively correlated in all areas around the Gulf. These shorelines have been situated at the elevation of 3,5-4 meters. This tentative correlation benefits to the study of geomorphology, quaternary geology, neotectonic, and the changes of sea level within the areas around the Gulf of Thailand.
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