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Ref ID: 22749
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: Calo, Ambra
Title: Heger I bronze drums and the relationships between Dian and Dong Son cultures
Date: 2008
Source: Interpreting Southeast Asia's past: monument, image, and text
Place of Publication: Singapore
Publisher: NUS Press
Abstract: Ancient bronze drums referred to as Heger type I, after his (Heger 1902) classification based on variations in overall shape into four types, I-IV, have been dated to between the third century BCE and the early centuries CE. They are widely distributed through mainland and island Southeast Asia and are linked, despite some regional variations, by the continuity of shape and decoration. This paper presents an analysis of the formal and decorative elements of particular local clusters of bronze drums and of related other bronze artifacts in order to yield some insight into long standing questions regarding the places of origin and early development of the Heger I bronze drum type, with particular reference to their occurrence in the Dian and Dong Son regions of southwest China and northern Vietnam.
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Editors: Bacus, Elisabeth A.
Glover, Ian C.
Sharrock, Peter D.
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Page End: 224