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Ref ID: 22413
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: Reinecke, Andreas
Title: Early cultures (first millennium B.C. to second century A.D.)
Date: 2009
Source: Arts of ancient Viet Nam: from river plain to open sea
Place of Publication: New Haven, Connecticut
Publisher: Yale University Press
Abstract: The first millennium B.C. is not the starting point of cultural history in Viet Nam, but rather the first "Golden Age" in the true sense of the term. After many millennia in the development of a series of mainly hunter-gatherer cultures using tools made from stone, wood, bamboo, or other organic materials, huge environmental and technological changes occurred in the second millennium B.C. They provided the basis for the creation of separate cultural regions with local populations along the east side of the Southeast Asian mainland. Numerous new archaeological discoveries of the last decades show an impressively fast cultural-economic development in this region, particularly after 400 B.C., between the powerful empires of China and India.
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