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Ref ID: 22407
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: Giumlia-Mair, Alessandra
Kürti, Béla
Title: Hunnic gold in Hungary and the Hunnic-Asian connections
Date: 2015
Source: Metals and civilizations
Place of Publication: Bangalore, India
Publisher: National Institute of Advanced Studies
Notes: Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on the Beginnings of the Use of Metals and Alloys (BUMA VII)
Abstract: The Hunnic treasure of Nagyszéksós was found in 1926 in a vineyard just outside Szeged, in the Hungarian County of Csongrád, but it has been only partly seen by the public on the occasion of two exhibitions. In total there are 157 objects, many decorated with precious stone inlays. The hoard is the largest and most important Hunnic treasure in Europe. This paper presents the results of XRF analyses carried out on the different components of the gold objects from Nagyszéksós. The composition of the gold and the manufacturing technique of the pieces allow us to distinguish different traditions and reflect the many populations of the “Hunnic Kingdom”.
Date Created: 4/11/2016
Editors: Srinivasam, Sharada
Ranganathan, Srinivasa
Giumlia-Mair, Alessandra
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