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Ref ID: 21946
Ref Type: Book in a Series
Authors: Diffloth, Gérard
Title: The Dvaravati Old Mon Language and Nyah Kur
Date: 1984
Place of Publication: Bangkok
Publisher: Chulalongkorn University
Abstract: Los at a Mon language along petchabuns which he argues descended from Dvaravati Mon. P. 28-9, p.346 note 16 - Discusses a Mon game played with 5 cm wide seeds of Entada bean (also thais of khorat and Khmer area of Surin, Played by Dvaravati. archaeological objects of 4-5 cm wide 7 mm thick - perfectly round found in Dvaravati moatd sites. Diffloth says shape is almost identical.. p. 315 includes word for carrying on shoulder. p.341 separation of Nyah Kur from rest of Monic is 1000 years older than the separation of other Mon dialects from each other. p. 127 words for "rock stove" and raised wood trough filled with earth or sand on which a coing fire is lit.
Date Created: 4/6/2001
Series Title: Monic Language Studies