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Ref ID: 21645
Ref Type: Book in a Series
Title: Epigraphia Birmanica, being lithic and other inscriptions of Burma
Date: 1919
Notes: v. 1. [without special title]. pt. 1. Myazedi inscription (Burmese Face, Pāli Face, Môn or Talaing Face, Pyu Face). pt. 2. Môn inscriptions: general introduction, section I -- The early Môn records, the inscriptions. v. 2. The Talaing plaques on the Ananda. pt. 1. Text, pt. 2. Plates. v. 3. [pt. 1. Text?], pt. 2 [plates]. Môn inscriptions. Section II -- The Mediaeval Môn records, no. XII: the inscriptions of the Kalyāṇisimā, Pegu by C.O. Blagden. Plates I to XXIV. v. 4. Môn inscriptions. [pt. 1 Text?], pt. 2. The Mediaeval Môn records, nos. XIII-XVIII, plates I-XI, by C.O. Blagden
Date Created: 11/15/2016
Volume: 2
Number: 1