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Ref ID: 21332
Ref Type: Book (Edited)
Editors: Aikens, C. Melvin
Nai Rhee, Song
Title: Pacific Northeast Asia in prehistory: hunter-fisher-gatherers, farmers, and sociopolitical elites
Date: 1993
Publisher: Washington State University Press
Notes: Description: This volume brings together the richest body of data and viewpoints ever assembled on northeast Asia’s prehistory. Its scope covers the wide range of cultural change and development from the Paleolithic stone industries through the formation of advanced states. Extensively illustrated, Pacific Northeast Asia in Prehistory is truly international in authorship, with contributions by Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Canadian, and American experts. Complementing Chester S. Chard’s benchmark study Northeast Asia in Prehistory (University of Wisconsin Press, 1974), this new volume provides a timely and greatly updated compilation of research, and provides more baseline detail derived directly from the principal investigators of the region. Most of the essays in Pacific Northeast Asia in Prehistory originally were presented in two sessions chaired by coeditors C. Melvin Aikens and Song Nai Rhee at the Circum-Pacific Prehistory Conference in Seattle, Washington, August 1-6, 1989. The Circum-Pacific meeting, under the coordination of Dale R. Croes, provided over 200 Asian and American scholars and indigenous people with a forum to present an updated perspective on the human heritage of the Pacific Basin.
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