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Ref ID: 19970
Ref Type: Book
Authors: Brooks, Robert R.
Johannes, Dieter
Title: Phytoarchaeology
Date: 1990
Source: Historical, Ethno- and Economic Botany
Place of Publication: Portland, Oregon
Publisher: Dioscorides Press
Notes: Description: Phytoarchaeology is a new word
it describes the relationship between vegetation and archaeology. Particularly it refers to those situations where, for example, a mineral such as copper has been mined, and the soil is now full of copper salts and toxic to all but a few species of copper tolerant plants - such plants can reflect old mining activity. This book offers a world survey of phytoarchaeology, and seems at its most useful in looking at, and for, the sorts of situation outlined above
the inclusion of ordinary differential growth such as is the basis of much air photography seems merely an attempt at cohesiveness
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Volume: 3