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Ref ID: 19814
Ref Type: Book
Authors: Källén, Anna
Title: Stones standing: archaeology, colonialism, and ecotourism in northern Laos
Date: 2015
Publisher: Left Coast Press
Notes: Table of Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: Saykham Chapter 2: Standing stones <=> Stones standing Chapter 3: Nous n’avions plus qu’à faire des recherches méthodiques Chapter 4: An early morning in July 1968 Chapter 5: A one day tour around the world Chapter 6: Time travellers Chapter 7: Dr Jones, Mlle Colani, and I Chapter 8: Hat Ang – spirit and tale Chapter 9: Hintang travel ironies Chapter 10: Hintang [imperfect] References Index About the Author
Date Created: 1/27/2016