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Ref ID: 18961
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Goh, Hsiao Mei
Shahidan, Shaiful
Saidin, Mokhtar
Curnoe, Darren
Mendoza, Raynold
Adler, Lewis
Saw, Chaw Yeh
Eng, Ken Khong
Bujeng, Velat
Narayanen, Suresh
Abdullah, Jeffrey
Title: Revisiting the 3000-year-old Neolithic burial ground of Gua Harimau, West Malaysia
Date: 2019
Source: Archaeological Research in Asia
DOI: 10.1016/j.ara.2019.05.001
Abstract: This paper presents the results of a new phase of archaeological investigations, new radiocarbon dates and stable isotope analysis data for human teeth from Gua Harimau (Harimau Cave), a Neolithic cemetery located in the Lenggong Valley of West Malaysia (Malay Peninsula). Gua Harimau was previously investigated over the course of three field seasons between 1987 and 1995 and has been identified as a Neolithic-Bronze age cemetery that contains at least 11 human burials. In 2010, archaeological investigations by members of our team revealed an additional Neolithic adult burial. Our study suggests that burial practices at Gua Harimau were undertaken within a Neolithic context. Based on charcoal dates and direct radiocarbon determinations retrieved from tooth apatite we conservatively assign the use of the Gua Harimau as a Neolithic burial ground to approximately 3000 cal. years BP. Furthermore, carbon and oxygen isotope measurements of six individuals from Gua Harimau demonstrate a dependency on a terrestrial C3-dominated diet, with the relatively narrow range of δ18O measurements suggesting a potential sedentary lifestyle for the community represented at Gua Harimau.
Volume: 18
Page Start: 120
Page End: 129