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Report 2005 Visoth, Chhay Phlau Beng Site Greater Angkor Project 2002-2005 Preliminary Report Series [Visoth, 2005 #36141]
Report 2008 Baldock, Jeremy Geological investigation of jar and quarry sites in the Xieng Khouang Province, Lao PDR, for UNESCO safeguarding the Plain of Jars Phase IV [Baldock, 2008 #36143]
Report 1980 Vinh, B. Excavation at Con Co Ngua--a premier report [Vinh, 1980 #36142]
Report 1966 Parker, H. Excavation at Pimai Preliminary Report Preliminary Reports on Excavations on Ban Na Di [Parker, 1966 #36145]
Report 2005 Sok, K. S. Report of excavation work at site of Krasang Thmei village [Sok, 2005 #36144]
Report 2006 Matsumura, H. An early Holocene Hoabinhian human skeleton from Hang Cho Site in northern Vietnam: anthropological and archaeological study of the origin of Neolithic people in mainland Southeast Asia Report of Grant-in-Aid [Matsumura, 2006 #36146]
Report 2007 Lewis, Helen The 2007 season of the Palawan island palaeohistoric research project: a partial report [Lewis, 2007 #36151]
Report 2008 Paz, Victor Palawan Island Palaeohistory Research Project: report on the 2008 Dewil Valley field season [Paz, 2008 #36150]
Report 2009 Paz, Victor Palawan Island Palaeohistory Research Project: report on the 2009 El Nido field season [Paz, 2009 #36149]
Report 2013 Paz, Victor Palawan Island Palaeohistory Research Project: report on the 2013 season [Paz, 2013 #36148]
Report 2012 Paz, Victor The Palawan Island Palaeohistoric Research Project: report on the 2012 season [Paz, 2012 #36147]
Report 2015 Hein, Don Ceramic production sites in Mon and Kayin states, Myanmar, that produced Martaban jars green and white-glazed earthenware and celadon-glazed bowls [Hein, 2015 #36152]
Report 2010 Hudson, Bob Completing the sequence: excavation in 2009 confirm neolithic, bronze and iron age burials at Halin, Myanmar (Burma) Bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Newsletter [Hudson, 2010 #36153]
Report 2008 Kakukawa, S. Chemical analysis on bronze bracelets unearthed from the Phum Snay archaeological site in Cambodia and the identification of their production area Preliminary report for the excavation in Phum Snay 2007 [Kakukawa, 2008 #36156]
Report 2006 Marutani, Masaharu Final report for economic geology FR-2, sector plan for sustainable development of the mining sector in the Lao PDR [Marutani, 2006 #36155]
Report 2009 McDougall, D. J. Independent technical report for Angkor Wat minerals limited on Cambodia and Indonesian exploration projects [McDougall, 2009 #36154]
Report 2009 Cawte, H. J. Archaeometallurgical investigations at Baolo and Dragon Field, Savannakhet Province, Laos: stage 1 recommendations and results provided to Lang Xiang Mineral Ltd. [Cawte, 2009 #36157]
Report 2014 Paz, Victor Palawan Island Palaeohistory Research Project: report on the 2014 season [Paz, 2014 #36159]
Report 2000 Niyomka, C. Report on the Analysis of Archaeological Finds from Ban Bung Noi, Amphoe Ban Khurat, Buriram Province [Niyomka, 2000 #36158]
Report 2010 Bellwood, P. Report on the 2009 archaeological excavation at An Son [Bellwood, 2010 #36160]
Report 2011 Pryce, Thomas Oliver The Southeast Asian Lead-Isotope Project: investigating metallurgical proxies for prehistoric regional and inter-regional social interactions Oxford School of Archaeology: Annual Report 2010-2011 [Pryce, 2011 #36161]
Report 2013 Hein, Don The Chong Samrong kiln site in Cambodia: report on a training excavation [Hein, 2013 #36162]
Report 1991 Pookajorn, Surin Preliminary report of excavations at Moh-Khiew Cave, Krabi province, Sakai Cave, Trang province and ethrnoarchaeological research of hunter-gatherer group, socall "Sakai" or "Semang" at Trang Province Hoabinhian Research Project in Thailand [Pookajorn, 1991 #36163]
Report 2011 Van Damme, Thomas Excavating the causeway at the east gate of Angkor Thom [Van 2011 #36164]
Report 2005 Pottier, C. Mission Archéologique franco-khmère sur l'aménagement du territoire Angkorien. Campagne 2005. [Pottier, 2005 #36165]
Report 2005 Lai, Van Toi Tu lieu Vien Khao co hoc, dot khai quat nam 2004-2005 (Institute of Archaeology, Excavation Season of 2004-2005) [Lai, 2005 #36166]
Report 2010 Chanthourn, Thuy Report on new discovery of forges (proposal to inventory prehistoric sites in Cambodia) [Chanthourn, 2010 #36170]
Report 2011 Hendrickson, M. Industries of Angkor Project: iron Kuoy project March 2010 Field Campaign Report [Hendrickson, 2011 #36169]
Report 2012 Hendrickson, M. Industries of Angkor Project: Preah Khan of Kompong Svay (Bakan) December 2010 field report [Hendrickson, 2012 #36168]
Report 2009 Living Angkor Road Project [ 2009 #36167]