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Book in a Series 1989 Adkins, Lesley and Roy A. Adkins Archaeological Illustration [Adkins, 1989 #18945]
Book in a Series 1930 Aitken, Robert T. Ethnology of Tubuai Bayard Dominick Expedition (1920-1921) [Aitken, 1930 #21916]
Book in a Series 1966 Alfred, Eric R. Observations on the fauna of Pulau Tioman and Pulau Tulai [Alfred, 1966 #21841]
Book in a Series 1990 Anderson, Douglas D. Lang Rongrien rockshelter: a Pleistocene-early Holocene archaeological site from Krabi, southwestern Thailand [Anderson, 1990 #21964]
Book in a Series 1925 Andersson, J. G. Preliminary report on archaeological research in Kansu [Andersson, 1925 #21873]
Book in a Series 1969 Aranyakanon, Payome Tin deposits in Thailand Second Technical Conference on Tin [Aranyakanon, 1969 #21953]
Book in a Series 1985 Arnold, Dean E. Ceramic theory and cultural process [Arnold, 1985 #22001]
Book in a Series 1942 Auboyer, Jeannine Les arts de l'extrême-orient [Auboyer, 1942 #21915]
Book in a Series 1904 Aymonier, Étienne Le Cambodge: les provinces siamoises [Aymonier, 1904 #21641]
Book in a Series 1904 Aymonier, Étienne Le Cambodge: les group d'Angkor et l'histoire [Aymonier, 1904 #21642]
Book in a Series 1900 Aymonier, Étienne Le Cambodge: le royaume actuel [Aymonier, 1900 #21767]
Book in a Series 2012 Bacon, Anne-Marie Les sites de Tam Hang, Nam Lot et Tam Pà Ling au nord du Laos: des gisements à vertébrés du Pléistocène aux origines des Hommes modernes [Bacon, 2012 #21657]
Book in a Series 1992 Bannanurag, Rachanie Prehistoric burials at Wat Pho Si Nai Ban Chiang [Bannanurag, 1992 #21872]
Book in a Series 1975 Bartstra, Gert-Jan Modern quaternary research in Southeast Asia [Bartstra, 1975 #21914]
Book in a Series 1988 Basalla, George The evolution of technology [Basalla, 1988 #21765]
Book in a Series 1970 Bayard, D. T. Non Nok Tha: the 1968 excavation procedure, stratigraphy, and summary of the evidence [Bayard, 1970 #21639]
Book in a Series 1971 Bayard, Donn T. Non Nok Tha: the 1968 excavation procedure, stratigraphy and summary of the evidence [Bayard, 1971 #21954]
Book in a Series 1980 Bayard, Donn T. The Pa Mong archaeological survey programme, 1973-1975 [Bayard, 1980 #21989]
Book in a Series 1953 Belo, Jane Bali temple festival [Belo, 1953 #21913]
Book in a Series 1974 Benjamin, Geoffrey Prehistory and ethnology in Southeast Asia: some new ideas [Benjamin, 1974 #21871]
Book in a Series 1981 Bentley, G. Carter Ethnicity and nationality: a bibliographic guide [Bentley, 1981 #21912]
Book in a Series 1964 Bernath, Frances A. Catalogue of Thai language holdings in the Cornell University Libraries through 1964 [Bernath, 1964 #21911]
Book in a Series 1972 Bezacier, Louis Le Viêt-Nam [Bezacier, 1972 #21910]
Book in a Series 1941 Bishop, Carl Whiting Origin of the Far Eastern civilizations: a brief handbook [Bishop, 1941 #21909]
Book in a Series 1906 Bishop, Heber R. Investigations & studies in jade [Bishop, 1906 #21908]
Book in a Series 1958 Blanchard, Wendell Thailand: its people, its society, its culture [Blanchard, 1958 #21907]
Book in a Series 1955 Boisselier, Jean La statuaire khmère et son évolution [Boisselier, 1955 #21870]
Book in a Series 1979 Bondoc, Nestor H. A re-investigation of the Espinosa Archaeological Sites: Cagayan & Kalinga-Apayao [Bondoc, 1979 #21931]
Book in a Series 1984 Boulbet, Jean Forêt et pays: carte schématique des formations forestières dominantes et de l'Occupation humaine Asie du Sud-Est [Boulbet, 1984 #21996]
Book in a Series 1982 Boulbet, Jean Évolution des paysages végétaux en Thaïlande du nord-est [Boulbet, 1982 #21997]