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Journal Article 2022 Perttola, Wesa Digital navigator on the Seas of the Selden map of China: Sequential least-cost path analysis using dynamic wind data Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory [Perttola, 2022 #37103]
Book Section 2022 Pham, Charlotte Perspectives on maritime archaeology in Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Pham, 2022 #37050]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Lacsina, Ligaya The lashed-lug tradition beyond the commonalities: a closer examination of variations in keel design within Southeast Asia shipbuilding tradition Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2019: selected papers from the Third SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, Bangkok, Thailand 2019 [Lacsina, 2020 #36959]
Journal Article 2020 Ono, Rintaro Island migration and foraging behaviour by anatomically modern humans during the late Pleistocene to Holocene in Wallace: new evidence from Central Sulawesi, Indonesia Quaternary International [Ono, 2020 #36841]
Journal Article 2020 Gaffney, Dylan Pleistocene water crossings and adaptive flexibility within the  Homo  genus Journal of Archaeological Research [Gaffney, 2020 #36826]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Hoogervorst, Tom Southeast Asia and the development of advanced sail types across the Indian Ocean EurASEAA14: papers from the Fourteenth International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists. Volume 1: ancient and living traditions [Hoogervorst, 2020 #36743]
Thesis-PhD 2016 Vadillo, Veronica Walker The fluvial landscape of Angkor: an integrated study PhD Dissertation [Vadillo, 2016 #36668]
Journal Article 2019 Kaifu, Yousuke Palaeolithic seafaring in East Asia: testing the bamboo raft hypothesis Antiquity [Kaifu, 2019 #19013]
Journal Article 1990 Green, Jeremy Maritime archaeology in Southeast and East Asia Antiquity [Green, 1990 #26797]
Book Section 2017 Jun Kimura Shipbuilding traditions in East Asia: a new perspective on relationships and cross-influences Ships and maritime landscapes: proceedings of the thirteenth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology [Jun 2017 #22235]
Journal Article 2015 di Piazza, Anne The Vanuatu "butterfly sail": a Polynesian Oceanic spritsail in Melanesia Asian Perspectives (2014) [di 2015 #26852]
Journal Article 2015 Pham, Charlotte Minh Ha An interdisciplinary approach to the study of boats in central Vietnam Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Pham, 2015 #26949]
Journal Article 2017 Sukkham, Atthasit Ships and maritime activities in the north-eastern Indian Ocean: re-analysis of rock art of Tham Phrayanaga (Viking Cave), southern Thailand The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology [Sukkham, 2017 #26995]
Journal Article 2017 O'Reilly, Dougald Airborne LiDAR prospection at Lovea, an Iron Age moated settlement in central Cambodia Antiquity [O'Reilly, 2017 #27037]
Journal Article 2007 Lape, Peter V. Rock art: a potential source of information about past maritime technology in the South-East Asia-Pacific region International Journal of Nautical Archaeology [Lape, 2007 #28182]
Journal Article 2007 Arnold, Jeanne E. Credit where credit is due: the history of the Chumash oceangoing plank canoe American Antiquity [Arnold, 2007 #28355]
Book Section 1996 Sedov, A. V. Qana' (Yemen) and the Indian Ocean: the archaeological evidence Tradition and archaeology: early maritime contacts in the Indian Ocean [Sedov, 1996 #23430]
Report 1979 Spriggs, Matthew Their patrimonial soil they rudely till'd: taro irrigation in Oceania, Year One report [Spriggs, 1979 #36215]
Report 1979 Spriggs, Matthew Col de la Pirogue, New Caledonia: preliminary report on taro irrigation [Spriggs, 1979 #36214]
Journal Article 1980 Spriggs, Matthew Taro irrigation in the Pacific: a call for more research South Pacific Bulletin [Spriggs, 1980 #29264]
Book Section 1996 Spriggs, Matthew La culture d'irrigation du taro au Vanuatu Vanuatu Océanie: arts des îles de cendre et de corail: [exposition] Port-Vila, Musée, 28 juin 1996-10 août 1996, Nouméa, Musée territorial de Nouvelle-Calédonie, 3 septembre 1996-30 octobre 1996, Bâle, Museum für Völkerkunde, 15 mars 1997-10 août 199 [Spriggs, 1996 #23609]
Book Section 1996 Spriggs, Matthew An agricultural art: taro irrigation in Vanuatu Arts of Vanuatu [Spriggs, 1996 #23607]
Book Section 1993 Spriggs, Matthew The current relevance of ethnohistorical and archaeological systems Traditional ecological knowledge: wisdom for sustainable development [Spriggs, 1993 #23618]
Book Section in a Series 1984 Spriggs, Matthew Taro irrigation techniques in the Pacific Edible aroids [Spriggs, 1984 #25629]
Book Section in a Series 1990 Spriggs, Matthew Why irrigation matters in Pacific prehistory Pacific production systems: approaches to economic prehistory [Spriggs, 1990 #25627]
Book Section in a Series 1992 Spriggs, Matthew <i>'Auwai, Kanawai</i> and <i>Waiwai</i>: irrigation in Kawailoa-Uka The archaeology of history [Spriggs, 1992 #25619]
Book Section in a Series 1982 Spriggs, Matthew Traditional uses of fresh water in Papua New Guinea: past neglect and future possibilities Traditional conservation in Papua New Guinea: implications for today. Proceedings of a conference organized by the Office of Environment and Conservation and the Institute of Applied Social and Economic Research in Port Moresby, 27-31 October, 1980 [Spriggs, 1982 #25631]
Book Section in a Series 1982 Spriggs, Matthew Irrigation in Melanesia: formative adaptation and intensification Melanesia: beyond diversity [Spriggs, 1982 #25630]
Book Section 1982 Spriggs, Matthew Taro (<i>Colocasia esculenta</i>) irrigation techniques in the Pacific: labour inputs, yields and cropping cycles IFS Regional Meeting on Edible Aroids, Suva, Fiji, November 1981 [Spriggs, 1982 #23623]
Journal Article 1981 Spriggs, Matthew Water under the bridge: comments on Farrington and Bellwood's prehistoric irrigation hydrology of pondfield Taro Archaeology in Oceania [Spriggs, 1981 #29340]