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Journal Article 1952 Matsuo, Takane Genetic and ecological studies on cultivated rice Bulletin of the National Institute of Agricultural Science, Japan [Matsuo, 1952 #29290]
Journal Article 1959 Ting, Ying Notes on the Neolithic rice husks unearthed in Hupei K'ao-Ku Hsueh-pao [Acta Archaeologia Sinica] [Ting, 1959 #35935]
Journal Article 1966 Nayar, N. M. Spatial and temporal aspects of origin of rice Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Section B [Nayar, 1966 #30239]
Journal Article 1966 Jennings, Peter R. The evolution of plant type in Oryza sativa Economic Botany [Jennings, 1966 #35340]
Journal Article 1970 Akihama, T. Geographic distribution and ecotypic differentiation of wild rice in Thailand Tonan Ajia Kenkyu [Akihama, 1970 #34071]
Journal Article 1971 Oka, H. I. The dynamics of plant domestication: cultivation experiments with O. perennis and its hybrid with O. sativa Evolution [Oka, 1971 #35663]
Book Section 1972 Buth, G. M. Antiquity of rice cultivation Research trends in plant anatomy [Buth, 1972 #25071]
Book Section 1974 Shastry, S. V. S. Rice Evolutionary studies in world crops [Shastry, 1974 #25094]
Journal Article 1974 Oka, Hiko-Ichi Experimental studies on the origin of cultivated rice Genetics [Oka, 1974 #30497]
Book Section 1975 Oka, Hiko-Ichi The origin of cultivated rice and its adaptive evolution Rice in Asia [Oka, 1975 #25095]
Journal Article 1975 Vishnu, M. ittre. Supposed remains of rice (Oryza sp.) in the terracotta cakes and pai at Kalibangan, Rajasthan Paleobotanist [Vishnu, 1975 #35937]
Book Section 1976 Chang, Te-Tzu Rice Evolution of crop plants [Chang, 1976 #25179]
Journal Article 1976 Hill, R. D. On the origins of domesticated rice Journal of Oriental Studies [Hill, 1976 #29545]
Journal Article 1976 Chang, Te-Tsu The origin, evolution, cultivation, dissemination, and diversification of Asian and African rices Euphytica [Chang, 1976 #35873]
Book Section in a Series 1978 Watabe, Tadayo The development of rice cultivation Thailand: a rice-growing society [Watabe, 1978 #26301]
Journal Article 1978 Chatterjee, P. G. On the origin of rice in India: some remarks Science and Culture [Chatterjee, 1978 #29892]
Book Section 1979 Glover, Ian C. Prehistoric plant remains from Southeast Asia, with special reference to rice South Asian Archaeology 1977. Papers from the Fourth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe, Held in the Istituto Universitario Orientale, Naples [Glover, 1979 #25090]
Journal Article 1982 Advisory Committee, IBPGR-IRRI Rice Conservation of the wild rices of tropical Asia Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter [Advisory 1982 #35686]
Book Section 1983 Endo, T. Rice Isozymes in plant genetics and breeding, part B [Endo, 1983 #24947]
Journal Article 1984 Morishima, H. Differentiation of perennial and annual types due to habitat conditions in the wild rice Oryza perennis Plant Systematics and Evolution [Morishima, 1984 #35666]
Book Section 1985 Glover, Ian C. Some problems relating to the domestication of rice in Asia Recent Advances in Indo-Pacific Prehistory: Proceedings of the International Symposium Held at Poona, December 19-21, 1978 [Glover, 1985 #24938]
Journal Article 1985 Watabe, T. Origin and dispersal of rice in Asia East Asian Cultural Studies [Watabe, 1985 #28715]
Journal Article 1985 Second, G. Evolutionary relationships in the sativa group of Oryza based on isozyme data Genetique, Selection, Evolution [Second, 1985 #35659]
Book Section in a Series 1986 Sørensen, Per On the problem of early rice in Southeast Asia Rice societies: Asian problems and prospects [Sørensen, 1986 #26330]
Journal Article 1986 Snow, Bryan E. Evidence of early rice cultivation in the Philippines Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society [Snow, 1986 #34856]
Book in a Series 1988 Oka, Hiko-Ichi Origin of cultivated rice [Oka, 1988 #21950]
Book Section in a Series 1989 White, Joyce C. Ethnoecological observations on wild and cultivated rice and yams in northeastern Thailand Foraging and farming: the evolution of plant exploitation [White, 1989 #26352]
Book Section in a Series 1989 Chang, Te-Tsu Domestication and spread of the cultivated rices Foraging and farming: the evolution of plant exploitation [Chang, 1989 #26361]
Journal Article 1989 Maloney, B. K. Early rice cultivation in Southeast Asia: archaeological and palynological evidence from the Bang Pakong Valley, Thailand Antiquity [Maloney, 1989 #33862]
Journal Article 1990 Maloney, Bernard K. Grass pollen and the origins of rice agriculture in north Sumatra Modern Quaternary Research in Southeast Asia [Maloney, 1990 #33867]