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Book Section 1990 Biscione, R. The elusive phase two of Shahr-i Sokhta sequence South Asian Archaeology 1987. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe, held in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice [Biscione, 1990 #23277]
Book Section 1965 Chang, Kwang-chih Relative chronologies of China to the end of Chou Chronologies in old world archaeology, vol. I and II [Chang, 1965 #23431]
Journal Article 2003 Chauhan, Parth R. An overview of the Siwalik Acheulian & reconsidering its chronological relationship with the Soanian - a theoretical perspective Assemblage [Chauhan, 2003 #28927]
Book (Edited) 2002 Sémah, François Origine des peuplements et chronologie des cultures Paléolithiques dans le sud-est asiatique [Sémah, 2002 #21445]
Book Section in a Series 1997 Hancock, R. G. B. European white glass trade beads as chronological trade markers Materials issues in art and archaeology V [Hancock, 1997 #25745]
Book 1995 Eade, J. C. The calendrical systems of mainland Southeast Asia [Eade, 1995 #20617]
Journal Article 1962 Watanabe, Naotune Magnetic dating in Japan Asian Perspectives (1961) [Watanabe, 1962 #33561]
Journal Article 1962 Kaizuka, Sohei Geochronology based on volcanic ejecta and its contributions to archaeology in Japan Asian Perspectives (1961) [Kaizuka, 1962 #33531]
Journal Article 1962 Smiley, Terah L. General aspects of dating in the field of archaeology Asian Perspectives (1961) [Smiley, 1962 #33527]
Journal Article 1963 Smith, Carlyle S. An outline of Easter Island archaeology Asian Perspectives (1962) [Smith, 1963 #33513]
Thesis-MA 1979 Rutnin, Somsuda A pottery sequence from Non Chai, northeast Thailand [Rutnin, 1979 #36480]