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Book Section 2022 Higham, Charles F. W. Introduction The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Higham, 2022 #37012]
Book (Edited) 2022 The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [ 2022 #37011]
Book Section in a Series 2019 White, Joyce C. A regional synthesis of early metal technological systems in prehistoric northeast and central Thailand Ban Chiang, Northeast Thailand, Volume 2C: the metal remains in regional context [White, 2019 #36919]
Book 2012 Liu, Li The Archaeology of China: From the Late Paleolithic to the Early Bronze Age [Liu, 2012 #19731]
Book Section 2018 Hung, Hsiao-chun History and current debates in island Southeast Asia Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology [Hung, 2018 #22232]
Journal Article 2012 Bae, Christopher J. Current multi-disciplinary approaches to deciphering the East and Southeast Asian paleoanthropological record Quaternary International [Bae, 2012 #26767]
Book in a Series 2003 Lieberman, Victor Strange Parallels: Southeast Asia in Global Context, c. 800-1830 Volume 1: Integration on the Mainland [Lieberman, 2003 #21684]
Journal Article 2001 Adams, Robert McC. Complexity in archaic states Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Adams, 2001 #28380]
Book Section in a Series 2011 Bolasco, Karina Africa Misreading Asia: a survey of what Filipinos read of Asia Alterities in Asia: reflections on identity and regionalism [Bolasco, 2011 #25539]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2011 Yew, Leong Alterities in Asia: reflections on identity and regionalism [Yew, 2011 #22041]
Book 1971 Watson, William Cultural frontiers in ancient East Asia [Watson, 1971 #20489]
Book (Edited) 1975 Chittick, N. East Africa and the Orient: cultural syntheses in pre-colonial times [Chittick, 1975 #21513]
Book (Edited) 1921 Dames, Mansel Longworth The book of Duarte Barbosa: an account of the countries bordering on the Indian Ocean and their inhabitants [Dames, 1921 #21526]
Journal Article 1979 An, Zhimin The neolithic archaeology of China: a brief survey of the last thirty years Early China [An, 1979 #30000]
Book 1978 Allchin, F. Raymond The archaeology of Afghanistan from the earliest times to the Timurid period [Allchin, 1978 #20782]
Book 1982 Agrawal, D. P. The archaeology of India The Nordic Institute of Asian Studies monograph [Agrawal, 1982 #20792]
Book 1833 Sangermano, Father A description of the Burmese empire [Sangermano, 1833 #20812]
Journal Article 2006 Lape, Peter Review of "Southeast Asian archaeology: Wilhelm G. Solheim II festschrift" by Victor Paz, ed. Asian Perspectives (2006) [Lape, 2006 #30264]
Journal Article 2006 Carson, Mike T. Review of "Walpole: Ha Colo, une île de l'extrême, archéologies et histoires" by Christophe Sand, ed. Asian Perspectives (2006) [Carson, 2006 #30260]
Book in a Series 1956 Stutterheim, Willem Frederik Studies in Indonesian archaeology [Stutterheim, 1956 #21778]
Book in a Series 1959 Steinberg, David J. Cambodia: its people, its society, its culture [Steinberg, 1959 #21780]
Book 1962 Stamp, L. Dudley Asia: a regional and economic geography [Stamp, 1962 #20816]
Book in a Series 1985 Scanlon Jr., Phil Southeast Asia : a cultural study through celebration [Scanlon 1985 #21788]
Book Section in a Series 1974 Solheim, Wilhelm G., II Potsherds and potholes: Philippine archaeology in 1974 Philippine studies : geography, archaeology, psychology and literature [Solheim, 1974 #25959]
Conference Proceeding 1974 National Museum (Philippines) Proceedings of the First Regional Seminar on Southeast Asian Prehistory and Archaeology First Regional Seminar on Southeast Asian Prehistory and Archaeology, June 26-July 4, 1972 [National 1974 #26566]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1987 Renard, Ronald Duane Southeast Asia course outlines : a collection [Renard, 1987 #22085]
Book in a Series 1975 Provencher, Ronald Mainland Southeast Asia : an anthropological perspective [Provencher, 1975 #21796]
Conference Proceeding 1934 Pacific Science Association Proceedings of the fifth Pacific Science Congress Pacific Science Congress (5th : 1933 : Victoria and Vancouver, B.C.) [Pacific 1934 #26568]
Journal Article 1967 Mulder, J. A. N. Sociology and religion in Thailand: a critique Journal of the Siam Society [Mulder, 1967 #30374]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1988 Nash, Vivien Monash University theses on Southeast Asia, 1961-1987 [Nash, 1988 #22091]