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Book 1904 Clifford, Hugh Charles Further India: being the story of exploration from the earliest times in Burma, Malaya, Siam and Indo-China The story of exploration [Clifford, 1904 #19899]
Book 1913 Relations de voyages et textes geographiques Arabes, Persans et Turks relatifs a l'extrême-orient: du VIII au XVIII siècles [ 1913 #20594]
Journal Article 1923 Peri, Nöel Essai sur les relations du Japon et de l'Indochine aux XVIe et XVIIe siècles Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Peri, 1923 #27186]
Book 1934 Malleret, Louis Exotisme indochinois dans la littérature française depuis 1860 [Malleret, 1934 #19762]
Book Section 1949 Duyvendak, J. J. L. China's discovery of Africa Lectures given at the University of London on January 22nd and 23rd, 1947 [Duyvendak, 1949 #23830]
Journal Article 1951 Bekker, Conrad Culture contact and cultural change in Southeast Asia: a symposium Far Eastern Quarterly [Bekker, 1951 #34087]
Journal Article 1952 Cammann, Schuyler Review of "India and China: a thousand years of cultural relations" by Prabodh Chandra Bagchi Far Eastern Quarterly [Cammann, 1952 #35194]
Journal Article 1960 Ekholm, Gordon F. Trans-Pacific contacts Asian Perspectives (1959) [Ekholm, 1960 #33612]
Journal Article 1961 Ekholm, Gordon F. Trans-Pacific contacts Asian Perspectives (1960) [Ekholm, 1961 #33576]
Journal Article 1962 Ekholm, Gordon F. Trans-Pacific contacts Asian Perspectives (1961) [Ekholm, 1962 #33538]
Journal Article 1968 Bénisti, Mireille Recherches sur le premier art khmer : I. les linteaux dits de Thala Borivat Arts Asiatiques [Bénisti, 1968 #28377]
Journal Article 1968 Pearson, M. N. Spain and Spanish trade in Southeast Asia Journal of Asian History [Pearson, 1968 #28950]
Book 1972 Filesi, Teobaldi China and Africa in the Middle Ages [Filesi, 1972 #20593]
Book Section 1972 Solheim, W. G. Prehistoric pottery of Southeast Asia Early Chinese art and its possible influence in the Pacific basin : a symposium arranged by the Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University, New York City, August 21-25, 1967 [Solheim, 1972 #23400]
Journal Article 1975 Hall, Kenneth R. Khmer commercial development and foreign contacts under Suryavarman I Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient [Hall, 1975 #29610]
Book Section 1978 Raschke, Manfred G. New studies in Roman commerce with the East Aufstieg und Niedergang der Romischen Welt [Raschke, 1978 #23440]
Journal Article 1978 Pearson, Richard Japan, Korea, and China: the problem of defining continuities Asian Perspectives (1976) [Pearson, 1978 #33152]
Journal Article 1978 Sample, L. L. Prehistoric cultural relations between western Japan and southeastern Korea Asian Perspectives (1976) [Sample, 1978 #33154]
Thesis 1979 Renard, Ronald Duane Kariang : history of Karen-T'ai relations from the beginnings to 1923 [Renard, 1979 #36397]
Journal Article 1982 O'Harrow, Stephen From Co-loa to the Trung Sister's Revolt: Viêt-Nam as the Chinese found it Asian Perspectives (1979) [O'Harrow, 1982 #33101]
Book Section 1984 Suchitta, Pornchai Evidence of early contact between Thailand and neighboring countries Consultative workshop on research on maritime shipping and trade networks in Southeast Asia [Suchitta, 1984 #23162]
Book Section 1984 Weisgerber, Gerd Makan and Meluhha - third millennium BC copper production in Oman and the evidence of contact with the Indus Valley South Asian Archaeology 1981. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe Held in Cambridge University 5-10 July 1981 [Weisgerber, 1984 #23351]
Journal Article 1985 Devasahayam, N. Roman jewellery from Vellalore site during the Sangham period Lalit Kala [Devasahayam, 1985 #29795]
Journal Article 1985 Robinson, Natalie V. Sino-Thai ceramics Journal of the Siam Society [Robinson, 1985 #36775]
Journal Article 1987 Solheim, Wilhelm G. Chinese and Southeast Asian art styles and their relationship Asian Perspectives (1982-1983) [Solheim, 1987 #28966]
Book 1988 Mysliwiec, Eva Punishing the poor : the international isolation of Kampuchea [Mysliwiec, 1988 #20833]
Journal Article 1988 Rohanadeera, Mendis The Noen Sa Bua inscription of Dong Si Maha Bo, Prachinbury: new evidence on cultural relations between Sri Lanka and Dvaravati kingdom Journal of the Siam Society [Rohanadeera, 1988 #36725]
Journal Article 1992 Kasetsiri, Charnvit Ayudhya: capital-port of Siam and its "Chinese connection" in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries Journal of the Siam Society [Kasetsiri, 1992 #36697]
Journal Article 1992 Wright, Michael Ayudhya and its place in pre-modern Southeast Asia Journal of the Siam Society [Wright, 1992 #36698]
Journal Article 1992 Skilling, Peter Two ports of Suvarṇabhūmi: a brief note Journal of the Siam Society [Skilling, 1992 #36700]