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Journal Article 1901 Leclère, Adhémard Le Cûlâ-Kantana-Mangala ou la fête de la coupe de la Houppe d'un prince royal à Phnôm-Pénh, le 16 mai 1901 Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Leclère, 1901 #27557]
Journal Article 1901 Lunet de Lajonquière, Étienne Edmond Vieng-Chan Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Lunet 1901 #27560]
Journal Article 1939 Trán văn Giáp, Note sur la bannière de l'âme: à propos d'une cérémonie bouddhique à la mémoire des victimes du «Phénix» Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Trán 1939 #27047]
Journal Article 1966 Chappell, J. Stone axe factories in the highlands of East New Guinea Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society (New Series) [Chappell, 1966 #28024]
Journal Article 1966 Osborne, Milton E. History and kingship in contemporary Cambodia Journal of Southeast Asian History [Osborne, 1966 #32316]
Book 1970 United Nations Survey of world iron ore resources: occurrence and appraisal [United 1970 #20114]
Book 1975 Osborne, Milton River Road to China: The Mekong River Expedition, 1866-73 [Osborne, 1975 #21223]
Book 1982 Hickey, Gerald Cannon Free in the forest: ethnohistory of the Vietnamese central highlands, 1954-1976 [Hickey, 1982 #20094]
Book 1982 Hickey, Gerald Cannon Sons of the mountains: ethnohistory of the Vietnamese central highlands to 1954 [Hickey, 1982 #20095]
Book 1987 Zhou, Daguan The customs of Cambodia [Zhou, 1987 #20113]
Book 1987 Dennis, Peter Troubled days of peace: Mountbatten and the Southeast Asia Command, 1945-1946 [Dennis, 1987 #20643]
Book 1987 Yang Sam Khmer Buddhism and politics from 1954 to 1984 [Yang 1987 #20840]
Book Section 1988 Foster, Brian L. Changing ethnicity and social resources in a Thai-Mon village, 1971-81 Ethnic diversity and the control of natural resources in Southeast Asia [Foster, 1988 #22572]
Journal Article 1988 Lefferts, H. Leedom Jr. Contemporary Burmese Earthenware Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies [Lefferts, 1988 #28314]
Book in a Series 1989 Smith, Frank Interpretive accounts of the Khmer Rouge years : personal experience in Cambodian peasant world view [Smith, 1989 #21787]
Conference Paper 1990 Sutaba, I Made Prehistoric stone seats in contemporary life in Bali 14th Congress of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Sutaba, 1990 #26507]
Journal Article 1994 Hyung Il Pai The politics of Korea's past: the legacies of Japanese colonial archaeology in the Korean Peninsula East Asian History [Hyung 1994 #28990]
Journal Article 1996 Day, Anthony Ties that (un)bind: families and states in premodern Southeast Asia Journal of Asian Studies [Day, 1996 #28907]
Book 1998 Ngaosyvathn, Mayoury Paths to conflagration: fifty years of diplomacy and warfare in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, 1778-1828 Southeast Asia Program Publications [Ngaosyvathn, 1998 #19720]
Book 1998 Templer, Robert Shadows and wind: a view of modern Vietnam [Templer, 1998 #20150]
Report 1999 Narasaki Shoichi, A regional survey of present-day earthenware and stoneware production in mainland Southeast Asia Research Report No. 8 [Narasaki 1999 #36175]
Book 2000 Mouhot, Henri Travels in Siam, Cambodia, Laos, and Annam [Mouhot, 2000 #21059]
Book 2000 de Carné, Louis Travels on the Mekong: Cambodia, Laos, and Yunnan. The Political and Trade Report of the Mekong Exploration Commission (June 1866 - June 1868)) [de 2000 #21063]
Book 2000 Aymonier, Étienne Isan Travels: northeast Thailand's economy in 1883-1884 [Aymonier, 2000 #21065]
Book Section 2000 Sethakul, Ratanaporn Tai Lue of Sipsongpanna and Muang Nan in the nineteenth-century Civility and Savagery [Sethakul, 2000 #23248]
Book Section 2000 Kossikov, Igor Nationalities policy in modern Laos Civility and Savagery [Kossikov, 2000 #23252]
Journal Article 2000 Miura, Keiko Social anthropological research on 'The People of Angkor: Living with a World Heritage Site' Siksācakr [Miura, 2000 #28297]
Journal Article 2000 Lefferts, Leedom An approach to the study of contemporary earthenware technology in mainland Southeast Asia Journal of the Siam Society [Lefferts, 2000 #28315]
Journal Article 2000 Cort, Louise Allison Khmer earthenware in mainland Southeast Asia: an approach through production Udaya: Journal of Khmer Studies [Cort, 2000 #28316]
Journal Article 2000 Michaud, Jean The montagnards and the state in northern Vietnam from 1802 to 1975: a historical overview Ethnohistory [Michaud, 2000 #28655]