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Book Section 2015 Abdullah, Jeffrey Recent development of Palaeolithic studies in Sabah Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2013: selected papers from the First SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology [Abdullah, 2015 #22513]
Journal Article 1979 Aigner, Jean S. Pleistocene ecology and Palaeolithic assemblages in South China Journal of the Hong Kong Archaeological Society [Aigner, 1979 #35820]
Book Section 1992 Allchin, Bridget Middle Palaeolithic culture History of civilizations of Central Asia [Allchin, 1992 #23954]
Journal Article 1991 Allen, Harry Stegodonts and the dating of stone stool assemblages in island Southeast Asia Asian Perspectives (1991) [Allen, 1991 #32943]
Journal Article 1991 Allen, Harry A review of the Late Pleistocene/Early recent stone tool assemblages of Java Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Allen, 1991 #35591]
Book Section 1955 Almeida, A. Preliminary notice of a Paleolithic station in the eastern Malaysian archipelago (Portuguese Timor) Abstracts of papers, Eighth Pacific Science Congress [Almeida, 1955 #23575]
Book in a Series 1990 Anderson, Douglas D. Lang Rongrien rockshelter: a Pleistocene-early Holocene archaeological site from Krabi, southwestern Thailand [Anderson, 1990 #21964]
Book Section 1987 Anderson, Douglas D. A late Pleistocene-early Holocene archaeological site in southwestern Thailand and its implications for climatic change Proceedings of the Workshop on Economic Geology, Tectonics, Sedimentary Processes and Environment of the Quaternary in Southeast Asia, 3-7 February 1986 [Anderson, 1987 #24838]
Book Section in a Series 1987 Anderson, Douglas D. A late Pleistocene-early Holocene archaeological site in southwestern Thailand Proceedings of the International Conference on Thai Studies [Anderson, 1987 #26157]
Book Section in a Series 1988 Anderson, Douglas D. Excavations of a Pleistocene rockshelter in Krabi and the prehistory of southern Thailand Prehistoric studies: the stone and metal ages in Thailand [Anderson, 1988 #26379]
Journal Article 1987 Anderson, Douglas D. A Pleistocene-early Holocene rock shelter in peninsular Thailand National Geographic Research [Anderson, 1987 #35835]
Journal Article 2006 Anisyutkin, N. K. The paleolithic flake industry in Vietnam Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia [Anisyutkin, 2006 #28839]
Book Section 2015 Athreya, Sheela Modern human emergence in South Asia: a review of the fossil and genetic evidence Emergence and diversity of modern human behavior in paleolithic Asia [Athreya, 2015 #22612]
Journal Article 2018 Aubert, M. Palaeolithic cave art in Borneo Nature [Aubert, 2018 #26702]
Journal Article 2002 Aung-Thwin, Michael Origins and development of the field of prehistory in Burma Asian Perspectives (2001) [Aung-Thwin, 2002 #32726]
Journal Article 2015 Aung, Tin Htut Palaeolithic zooarchaeology in Myanmar: a review and future prospects Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Aung, 2015 #27844]
Book Section in a Series 2001 Bakken, Deborah East Asian Middle Paleolithic Encyclopedia of prehistory: East Asia and Oceania [Bakken, 2001 #25919]
Book Section 1997 Bamforth, Douglas B. Technology, flaked stone technology, and risk Rediscovering Darwin: evolutionary theory and archeological explanation [Bamforth, 1997 #22150]
Journal Article 2002 Bar-Yosef, Ofer The Upper Paleolithic revolution Annual Review of Anthropology [Bar-Yosef, 2002 #30165]
Journal Article 1976 Barr, S. M. Paleomagnetism and age of the Lampang basalt (northern Thailand) and the age of underlying pebble tools Journal of the Geological Society of Thailand [Barr, 1976 #35484]
Book Section in a Series 1976 Bartstra, Gert-Jan The dating of the palaeolothic in Indonesia Colloque VII: le paléolithique inférieur [Bartstra, 1976 #26081]
Journal Article 1982 Bartstra, Gert-Jan Homo erectus erectus: the search for his artifacts Current Anthropology [Bartstra, 1982 #35815]
Journal Article 1985 Bartstra, Gert-Jan Sangiran, the stone implements of Ngebung and the Paleolithic of Java Modern Quaternary Research in Southeast Asia [Bartstra, 1985 #35816]
Journal Article 1989 Bartstra, Gert-Jan Recent work on the Pleistocene and the Palaeolithic of Java Current Anthropology [Bartstra, 1989 #35817]
Journal Article 1997 Baschetti, R. Paleolithic nutrition European Journal of Clinical Nutrition [Baschetti, 1997 #34794]
Journal Article 1993 Bednarik, Robert G. About Palaeolithic ostrich eggshell in India Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bednarik, 1993 #29116]
Journal Article 2002 Belfer-Cohen, Anna Why Microliths? Microlithization in the Levant Thinking Small: Global Perspectives on Microlithization [Belfer-Cohen, 2002 #19028]
BAR Section 1990 Bellwood, Peter S. The Tingkayu industry of late Pleistocene Sabah Southeast Asian Archaeology 1986: Proceedings of the 1st Conference of the Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe [Bellwood, 1990 #19717]
Book Section in a Series 1993 Bergman, Christoopher A. The Development of the Bow in Western Europe: A Technological and Functional Perspective Hunting and Animal Exploitation in the Later Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Eurasia [Bergman, 1993 #25240]
Book Section 1973 Binford, L. K. Interassemblage variability- the Mousterian and the 'functional' argument The explanation of culture change: models in prehistory [Binford, 1973 #24552]