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Book Section 1998 Pigott, Vincent C. Prehistoric copper mining in the context of emerging community craft specialisation in northeast Thailand Social approaches to an industrial past: the archaeology and anthropology of mining [Pigott, 1998 #24856]
Book (Edited) 1998 Knapp, A. Bernard Social approaches to an industrial past [Knapp, 1998 #21604]
BAR Section 1998 Pigott, Vincent C. Mining archaeology in geological context: the prehistoric copper mining complex at Phu Lon, Nong Khai Province, northeast Thailand Metallurgica Antiqua: in honour of Hans-Gert Bachmann and Robert Maddin [Pigott, 1998 #19673]
Journal Article 1984 Burton, John Quarrying in a tribal society World Archaeology [Burton, 1984 #35552]
Book Section 1983 Jackson, Richard Conflicts and coincidences of interest in the exploitation of natural resources: the Ok Tedi mining project, Papua New Guinea Natural resources in tropical countries [Jackson, 1983 #24983]