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Journal Article 2023 Ma, Minmin Forager-farmer transition at the crossroads of East and Southeast Asia 4900 years ago Science Bulletin [Ma, 2023 #37258]
Journal Article 2023 Huang, Yunshi The early adoption of East Asian crops in West Asia: rice and broomcorn millet in northern Iran Antiquity [Huang, 2023 #37227]
Book Section 2017 Higham, Charles F. W. Farming, social change, and state formation in Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Zooarchaeology [Higham, 2017 #37207]
Journal Article 2022 Wang, Weiwei Rice and millet cultivated in Ha Long Bay of Northern Vietnam 4000 years ago Frontiers in Plant Science [Wang, 2022 #37177]
Journal Article July 2022 Deng, Zhenhua Early Austronesians cultivated rice and millet together: tracing Taiwan’s first Neolithic crops Frontiers in Plant Science [Deng, July 2022 #37059]