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Journal Article 1988 Bennett, Anna Sources of copper and tin ores in prehistoric Thailand Jahrbuch des Romisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums Mainz [Bennett, 1988 #37274]
Journal Article 2010 Estève, Julia L'about inscrit du musée national du Cambodge (K. 943) : nouveaux éléments sur le bouddhisme tantrique à l'époque angkorienne Arts Asiatiques [Estève, 2010 #37152]
Journal Article 2020 Yun, Yali Characteristic features of metal artifacts excavated in western Yunnan in the Bronze Age Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Yun, 2020 #36659]
Book Section in a Series 2019 Hamilton, Elizabeth G. Methods for analysis of the metal artifacts Ban Chiang, Northeast Thailand, Volume 2B: Metals and Related Evidence from Ban Chiang, Ban Tong, Ban Phak Top, and Don Klang [Hamilton, 2019 #25298]
Book Section in a Series 2019 White, Joyce C. Life history perspectives on metals and related finds Ban Chiang, Northeast Thailand, Volume 2B: Metals and Related Evidence from Ban Chiang, Ban Tong, Ban Phak Top, and Don Klang [White, 2019 #25293]
Journal Article 2015 Liu, Ruiliang Chemical analysis of ancient Chinese copper-based objects: past, present and future Archaeological Research in Asia [Liu, 2015 #27009]
Book Section 2015 Rubin Han, Metallographic study of 27 metallic artifacts unearthed from two sarcophagus tombs at Beipiao, Liaoning Province Metals and civilizations [Rubin 2015 #22392]
Journal Article 2009 Stos-Gale, Zofia Anna Metal provenancing using isotopes and the Oxford archaeological lead isotope database (OXALID) Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Stos-Gale, 2009 #28072]
Journal Article 1979 Hedges, R. E. M. The heavy mineral separation of ancient ceramics by centrifugation: a preliminary report Archaeometry [Hedges, 1979 #28076]
Book Section 2014 Pollard, A. Mark Chemical and isotopic studies of ancient metal Archaeometallurgy in global perspective: methods and syntheses [Pollard, 2014 #22769]
Book Section 2014 Pernicka, Ernst Provenance determination of archaeological metal objects Archaeometallurgy in global perspective: methods and syntheses [Pernicka, 2014 #22768]
Journal Article 2010 Pryce, T. O. Direct detection of Southeast Asian smelting sites by ASTER remote sensing imagery: technical issues and future perspectives Journal of Archaeological Science [Pryce, 2010 #28255]
Journal Article 2010 Pryce, T. O. Prehistoric copper production and technological reproduction in the Khao Wong Prachan Valley of Central Thailand Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Pryce, 2010 #28358]
Book Section 2012 Pryce, T. O. A flux that binds? The Southeast Asian Lead Isotope Project Scientific research on ancient Asian metallurgy: proceedings of the Fifth Forbes Symposium at the Freer Gallery of Art [Pryce, 2012 #22936]
Journal Article 2003 Niederschlag, E. The determination of lead isotope ratios by multiple collector ICP-MS: a case study of early Bronze Age artefacts and their possible relation with ore deposits of the Erzgebirge Archaeometry [Niederschlag, 2003 #28360]
Book 1968 Bilibin, Y. A. Metallogenic provinces and metallogenic epochs [Bilibin, 1968 #20060]
Report 1994 Wang, Dong Ning The archaeometallurgical analysis of copper-base artifacts from prehistoric Nil Kham Haeng, central Thailand: a preliminary report [Wang, 1994 #36182]
Journal Article 1978 Hutchison, Charles S. Metallogenesis in SE Asia Journal of the Geological Society [Hutchison, 1978 #28538]
Book 1982 Bachmann, H. G. The identification of slags from archaeological sites [Bachmann, 1982 #20063]
Journal Article 2003 Veldhuijzen, Harald Alexander 'Slag_Fun' - a new tool for archaeometallurgy: development of an analytical (P)ED-XRF method for iron-rich materials Papers from the Institute of Archaeology [Veldhuijzen, 2003 #28541]
Journal Article 1983 Sastry, V.V. Krishna Chemical composition of some coins of the Satavahana period Journal of Archaeological Chemistry [Sastry, 1983 #28866]
Journal Article 2009 Mei, J. Scientific examination of Shang-Dynasty bronzes from Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, China. Journal of Archaeological Science [Mei, 2009 #29047]
Journal Article 2001 Hamilton, Elizabeth Bronze from Ban Chiang, Thailand: A View from the Laboratory Expedition [Hamilton, 2001 #29212]
Book Section Hefferman, B. Brief notes on the examination of four corroded archaeological specimens from Southeast Asia Ancient Chinese and Southeast Asian bronze age cultures [Hefferman, #23719]
Book 1990 Rostoker, William The interpretation of metallographic structures [Rostoker, 1990 #20588]
Book 2000 Henderson, Julian The science and archaeology of materials: an investigation of inorganic materials [Henderson, 2000 #20629]
Book Section 1971 Caley, Earle R. Analyses of some metal artifacts from ancient Afghanistan Science and archaeology [Caley, 1971 #23861]
Journal Article 1990 Nguyen Xuan Manh, kim tuong hoc voi viec nghien cuu nghe luyenkim va gia cong kim loai thoi dai dong [ Metallography and the study of metallurgy and metal working the bronze age] Khao Co Hoc [Nguyen 1990 #31039]
Journal Article 1992 Trinh Sinh, Nhung hien vat dong do trong van hoa Dong Son [ Copper artifacts in the Dong Son culture] Khao Co Hoc [Trinh 1992 #30990]
Journal Article 1992 Duong Trung Manh, Ve viec phan tich thanh phan hop kim cac hien vat co bang dong [ On the analysis of alloy component of ancient bronze artifacts] Khao Co Hoc [Duong 1992 #30973]