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Book in a Series 1915 Perry, W. J. Relationship between geographical distribution of megalithic monuments and ancient mines [Perry, 1915 #21697]
Book 1918 Perry, W. J. The megalithic culture of Indonesia [Perry, 1918 #20252]
Journal Article 1921 Evans, Ivor H. N. A grave and megaliths in Negri Sembilan with an account of some excavations Journal of the Federated Malay States Museums [Evans, 1921 #31342]
Journal Article 1921 Wallace, W. A. Plans of the Negri Sembilan grave and megaliths, with notes Journal of the Federated Malay States Museums [Wallace, 1921 #31383]
Journal Article 1928 Heine-Geldern, Robert Die Megalithen Südostasiens und ihre Bedeutung für die Klaerung der Megalithenfrage in Europa und Polynesien Anthropos [Heine-Geldern, 1928 #32494]
Journal Article 1928 Evans, Ivor H. N. On slab-built graves in Perak Journal of the Federated Malay States Museums [Evans, 1928 #34000]
Journal Article 1931 Evans, Ivor H. N. A further slab-built grave at Sungkai Journal of the Federated Malay States Museums [Evans, 1931 #31368]
Book 1932 van der Hoop, A. N. J. Megalithic remains in South Sumatra [van 1932 #20514]
Book Section in a Series 1932 Colani, Madeleine Champs de jarres monolithiques et de pierres funéraires du Tran-ninh (Haut-Laos) Premier congrès des préhistoriens d'Extrême-Orient, Hanoi (1932) [Colani, 1932 #26006]
Book 1935 Colani, M. Megaliths du haut-Laos (Hua Pan, Tran Ninh) Publications de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Colani, 1935 #19792]
Book in a Series 1935 Colani, Madeleine Les mégalithes du Haut-Laos (Hua Pan, Tran Ninh) [Colani, 1935 #21903]
Journal Article 1939 Hutchinson, E. W. Megaliths in Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Hutchinson, 1939 #35369]
Journal Article 1939 Hutchinson, E. W. Megaliths in Bayab Journal of the Siam Society [Hutchinson, 1939 #35370]
Journal Article 1940 Dalet, Robert Un nouveau cimetière cam à Thói-an Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Dalet, 1940 #26914]
Journal Article 1941 Winstedt, R. O. Slab-graves and iron implements Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society [Winstedt, 1941 #31376]
Journal Article 1942 de Terra, H. The megaliths of Bursahom, Kashmir, a new prehistoric civilization from India Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society [de 1942 #29801]
Journal Article 1943 Schnitger, F. M. Monuments mégalithiques de Sumatra-septentrional Revue des Arts Asiatiques [Schnitger, 1943 #28759]
Journal Article 1944 Roder, von J. Bilder Zum Megalithentransport Paideuma [Roder, 1944 #28821]
Journal Article 1946 Cheng Te-k'un, The slate tomb culture of Lilan Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies [Cheng 1946 #31935]
Journal Article 1953 Srinivasen, K. R. Survey of south Indian megaliths Ancient India [Srinivasen, 1953 #31387]
Journal Article 1955 van Heekeren, H. R. Proto-historic sarcophagi on Bali Bulletin of the Archaeological Institute of the Republic of Indonesia [van 1955 #31564]
Book Section 1959 Heine-Geldern, Robert Das megalithproblem Beiträge Österreichs zur Erforschung der Vergangenheit und Kulturgeschichte der Menscheit: Symposium 1958 [Heine-Geldern, 1959 #23771]
Journal Article 1960 Schuster, Meinhard Zur Diskussion des Megalithproblems Paideuma [Schuster, 1960 #28793]
Journal Article 1961 Schmitz, A. Carl Gibt es eine "Megalith-Kultur" in Ozeanien ? Zeitschrift für Ethnologie [Schmitz, 1961 #28820]
Journal Article 1963 Fleming, M. E. Observations on the megalithic problem in eastern Asia Bulletin of the Institute of Ethnology Academia Sinica [Fleming, 1963 #29741]
Journal Article 1964 Quaritch-Wales, H. G. A stone casket from Satingpra Journal of the Siam Society [Quaritch-Wales, 1964 #31586]
Journal Article 1965 Lamb, Alistair A stone casket from Satingpra: some further observations Journal of the Siam Society [Lamb, 1965 #31584]
Book in a Series 1967 Loofs-Wissowa, H. H. E. Elements of the megalithic complex in Southeast Asia: an annotated bibliography [Loofs-Wissowa, 1967 #21853]
Journal Article 1968 Devenish, David A megalithic circle at Taipo Kau, New Territories, Hong Kong Asian Perspectives (1966) [Devenish, 1968 #33436]
Journal Article 1971 Kauffmann, H. E. Stone memorials of the Lawa (northwest Thailand) Journal of the Siam Society [Kauffmann, 1971 #34233]