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Journal Article 2023 Chen, Xiaoying Guomo open-air sire (15-12 ka) in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, southern China: A new cobble-based industry for rethinking the definition of "Hoabinhian" Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Chen, 2023 #37228]
Journal Article 2023 Langley, Michelle C. Sequins from the sea: Nautilus shell bead technology at Makpan, Alor Island, Indonesia Antiquity [Langley, 2023 #37213]
Journal Article 2018 Pawlik, Alfred F. The Philippines from c. 14,000 to 4,000 cal. BP in regional
Cambridge Archaeological Journal [Pawlik, 2018 #37167]
Journal Article 2022 McAllister, Meghan S. Investigating the palaeoenvironmental context of Late Pleistocene human dispersals into Southeast Asia: a review of stable isotope applications Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [McAllister, 2022 #37074]
Journal Article 2021 Suraprasit, Kantapon Late Pleistocene human paleoecology in the highland savanna ecosystem of mainland Southeast Asia Scientific Reports [Suraprasit, 2021 #37069]
Journal Article July 2022 Zhang, Xiaoming A Late Pleistocene human genome from Southwest China Current Biology [Zhang, July 2022 #37063]
Journal Article 2020 Zhao, Qingpo New discoveries from the early Late Pleistocene Lingjing site (Xuchang) Quaternary International [Zhao, 2020 #36861]
Journal Article 2017 Wei, Pianpian Structural analysis of the femoral diaphyses of an early modern human from Tianyuan Cave, China Quaternary International [Wei, 2017 #27362]