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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Book Section in a Series 2014 Stark, Miriam T. The archaeology of early modern South East Asia The Oxford Handbook of Historical Archaeology [Stark, 2014 #37202]
Journal Article 2022 Hung, Hsiao-chun Mongol fleet on the way to Java: First archaeological remains from the Karimata Strait in Indonesia Archaeological Research in Asia [Hung, 2022 #36979]
Book Section in a Series 2013 Sugandhi, Namita Conquests of Dharma: Network Models and the Study of Ancient Polities Territoriality in Archaeology [Sugandhi, 2013 #25183]
Book Section 2005 Kelly, Kenneth G. Historical Archaeology Handbook of Archaeological Methods [Kelly, 2005 #22177]
Journal Article 2017 Miksic, John N. Historical archaeology in Southeast Asia Historical Archaeology [Miksic, 2017 #26764]
Book Section 2018 Hudson, Bob The 19th century fortified villages of Myanmar's Kabaw and Kale Valleys Advancing Southeast Asian Archaeology 2016 [Hudson, 2018 #22251]
Book Section 2018 Savitri, Mimi Landscape transformation: from Sala Village to Surakarta, capital of Mataram Kingdom Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Savitri, 2018 #22246]
Journal Article 1978 Yokoyama, Koichi Early historic archaeology in Japan Asian Perspectives (1976) [Yokoyama, 1978 #33150]