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Book Section in a Series 1987 Larsen, Clark Spencer Bioarchaeological interpretations of subsistence economy and behavior from human skeletal remains Advances in archaeological method and theory [Larsen, 1987 #26085]
Book Section 1991 Larsen, Clark Spencer Dental caries evidence for dietary change: an archaeological context Advances in dental anthropology [Larsen, 1991 #24719]
Book Section 2015 Tayles, Nancy Ban Non Wat: current research on late prehistoric people in the Upper Mun River Valley, northeast Thailand Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2013: selected papers from the First SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology [Tayles, 2015 #22500]
Book Section 2018 Ward, Stacey M. Developing a new project: the impact of social change on health in the late iron age site of Non Ban Jak in Northeast Thailand Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Ward, 2018 #22237]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Lim, Eleanor M. S. Patterns in dental health and disease in the Philippine pre-Spanish colonial period Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2019: selected papers from the Third SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, Bangkok, Thailand 2019 [Lim, 2020 #36963]
Journal Article 1967 Liem Tjay Tie, Health, development, and nutritional survey of preschool children in Central Java American Journal of Clinical Nutrition [Liem 1967 #30422]
Journal Article 1989 Skinner, Mark Social and biological correlates of localized enamel hypoplasia of the human deciduous canine tooth American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Skinner, 1989 #34498]
Journal Article 1966 Soewondo, H. Endemic goiter in East Java American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene [Soewondo, 1966 #30289]
Thesis 2012 Clark, A. L. Human sexual dimorphism and health during the intensification of agriculture in prehistoric Thailand Anatomy [Clark, 2012 #36280]
Thesis 2006 Halcrow, Siân Ellen Subadult health and disease in late prehistoric mainland Southeast Asia Anatomy and Structural Biology [Halcrow, 2006 #36320]
Book Section in a Series 2007 Domett, Kate Population health from the Bronze to the Iron Age in the Mun River Valley, northeastern Thailand Ancient health: skeletal indicators of agricultural and economic intensification [Domett, 2007 #25686]
Journal Article 2003 Nguyen, Vinh-Kim Anthropology, inequality, and disease: a review Annual Review of Anthropology [Nguyen, 2003 #31872]
Journal Article 1995 Larsen, Clark Spencer Biological changes in human populations with agriculture Annual Review of Anthropology [Larsen, 1995 #33635]
Journal Article 2003 Thompson, Beti Methodologic advances and ongoing challenges in designing community-based health promotion programs Annual Review of Public Health [Thompson, 2003 #31768]
Journal Article 2003 McLafferty, Sara L. GIS and health care Annual Review of Public Health [McLafferty, 2003 #31771]
Journal Article 2009 Oxenham, M. F. Paralysis and severe disability requiring intensive care in neolithic Asia Anthropological Science [Oxenham, 2009 #27649]
Journal Article 1987 Fornaciari, G. Palaeonutritional studies on skeletal remains of ancient populations from the Mediterranean area: an attempt to interpretation Anthropologischer Anzeiger [Fornaciari, 1987 #34709]
Thesis 2001 Oxenham, M. Health and behavior during the mid-holocene and metal period of north Viet Nam Anthropology [Oxenham, 2001 #36281]
Journal Article 2021 Zhu, Simei Subsistence and health in Middle Neolithic (9000-7000 BP) southern China: new evidence from the Dingsishan site Antiquity [Zhu, 2021 #36907]
Journal Article 2017 King, Charlotte L. Considering the palaeoepidemiological implications of socioeconomic and environmental change in Southeast Asia Archaeological Research in Asia [King, 2017 #27006]
Journal Article 2017 Ikehara-Quebral, Rona M. Biocultural practices during the transition to history at the Vat Komnou Cemetery, Angkor Borei, Cambodia Asian Perspectives [Ikehara-Quebral, 2017 #26927]
Journal Article 2016 Pietrusewsky, Michael Sex and geographic differences in health of the early inhabitants of the Mariana Islands Asian Perspectives [Pietrusewsky, 2016 #27586]
Journal Article 2009 Domett, K. M. Health in Pre-Angkorian Cambodia: a bioarchaeological analysis of the skeletal remains from Phum Snay Asian Perspectives (2009) [Domett, 2009 #29223]
BAR Section 2008 Oxenham, Marc Childhood in late neolithic Vietnam: bio-mortuary insights into an ambiguous life stage. Babies reborn: infant/child burials in pre- and protohistory [Oxenham, 2008 #19664]
Journal Article 2020 Ward, Stacey M. Social status and its relationship to non-specific stress at late Iron Age Non Ban Jak, northeast Thailand Bioarchaeology International [Ward, 2020 #36655]
Book Section in a Series 2006 Buckley, Hallie R. ‘The predators within’: investigating the relationship between malaria and health in the prehistoric Pacific Islands Bioarchaeology of Southeast Asia [Buckley, 2006 #25926]
Book Section 1997 Lukacs, John R. New frontiers in dental anthropology: creative approaches to diet and stress in prehistory Biological anthropology: the state of the science [Lukacs, 1997 #24716]
Book Section 1975 Stini, William A. Adaptive strategies of human population under nutritional stress Biosocial interrelations in population adaptation [Stini, 1975 #24581]
Journal Article 2008 Nakbunlung, Supaporn Whispering teeth: nutrition and health of wooden coffin people in the Pang Ma Pha cave sites, northwestern Thailand Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Nakbunlung, 2008 #29481]
Journal Article 2002 Oxenham, Marc F. Oral health in northen Viêt Nam: neolithic through metal periods Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Oxenham, 2002 #30085]