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Book 1968 Cox, John B. A review of the engineering characteristics of the recent marine clays in South East Asia Asian Institute of Technology Research Report [Cox, 1968 #19830]
Book 1989 Harris, Edward C. Principles of archaeological stratigraphy [Harris, 1989 #19990]
Book 1969 Jacobsen, H. S. Mineral Investigations in Northeast Thailand Geological Survey Professional Paper [Jacobsen, 1969 #20043]
Book 1989 Hutchison, Charles S. Geological Evolution of South-East Asia Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics [Hutchison, 1989 #20049]
Book 1968 Bilibin, Y. A. Metallogenic provinces and metallogenic epochs [Bilibin, 1968 #20060]
Book 1977 Workman, D. R. Geology of Laos, Cambodia, south Vietnam and the eastern part of Thailand [Workman, 1977 #20064]
Book 1981 Nakornsri, Nikorn Geology and mineral resources of the map sheet Amphoe Ban Mi [Nakornsri, 1981 #20066]
Book 1915 Abendanon, E. C. Midden Celebes expeditie: geologische en geographische doorkruisingen van Midden-Celebes (1909-1910) [Abendanon, 1915 #20074]
Book 2007 Corvinus, Gudrun Prehistoric cultures in Nepal: From the early palaeolithic to the Neolithic and Quaternary geology of the Dang-Deokhuri Dun valleys [Corvinus, 2007 #20108]
Book 2006 Grotzinger, John P. Understanding earth [Grotzinger, 2006 #20159]
Book 2008 Vernon, R. H. Principles of metamorphic petrology [Vernon, 2008 #20160]
Book 1990 Yardley, B. W. D. Atlas of metamorphic rocks and their textures [Yardley, 1990 #20161]
Book 2005 Armstrong, Howard Microfossils [Armstrong, 2005 #20162]
Book 2001 Tucker, Maurice E. Sedimentary petrology: an introduction to the origin of sedimentary rocks [Tucker, 2001 #20163]
Book 2003 Scholle, Peter A. A color guide to the petrography of carbonate rocks: grains textures, porosity, diagenesis [Scholle, 2003 #20164]
Book 1982 MacKenzie, W. S. Atlas of igneous rocks and their textures [MacKenzie, 1982 #20165]
Book 1996 Deer, W. A. An introduction to the rock-forming minerals [Deer, 1996 #20166]
Book 2004 Vernon, R. H. A practical guide to rock microstructure [Vernon, 2004 #20168]
Book 2008 Reedy, C. L. Thin-section petrography of stone and ceramic cultural materials [Reedy, 2008 #20169]
Book 1977 Minato, Masao Japan and its nature [Minato, 1977 #20367]
Book 1908 Harker, Alfred Petrology for students: an introduction to the study of rocks under the microscope [Harker, 1908 #20536]
Book 1909 Harker, Alfred The natural history of igneous rocks [Harker, 1909 #20537]
Book 1988 Barnes, J. W. Ores and minerals: introducing economic geology [Barnes, 1988 #20654]
Book 1991 Adams, A. E. Atlas of sedimentary rocks under the microscope [Adams, 1991 #20797]
Book 1967 Holdridge, L. R. Life zone ecology [Holdridge, 1967 #21125]
Book 1969 Javanaphet, Jumchet C. Geological map of Thailand [Javanaphet, 1969 #21307]
Book (Edited) 1986 Reading, H. G. Sedimentary environments and facies [Reading, 1986 #21413]
Book (Edited) 1996 Hall, Robert Tectonic evolution of Southeast Asia Geological Society Special Publications [Hall, 1996 #21416]
Book (Edited) 1983 Bender, Friedrich Geology of Burma [Bender, 1983 #21521]
Book in a Series 1991 Pirazzoli, Paolo A. World atlas of Holocene sea-level changes [Pirazzoli, 1991 #21696]