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Book Section 2022 Bulbeck, David Stone industries of Mainland and Island Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Bulbeck, 2022 #37018]
Book Section 1997 Bamforth, Douglas B. Technology, flaked stone technology, and risk Rediscovering Darwin: evolutionary theory and archeological explanation [Bamforth, 1997 #22150]
Journal Article 2013 Borel, Antony How to interpret informal flakes assemblages? Integrating morphological description, usewear and morphometric analysis gave better understanding of the behaviors of anatomically modern human from Song Terus (Indonesia) Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Borel, 2013 #28280]
Book Section 2013 Forestier, Hubert A limestone outcrop as a landmark of prehistoric settlement in the Manatuto region (East Timor) Unearthing Southeast Asia's past: selected papers from the 12th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Forestier, 2013 #22855]
Book Section 2012 Gaillard, Claire Hoabinhian in the Siwaliks of north-western India? Crossing borders: selected papers from the 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Gaillard, 2012 #22895]
Journal Article 2006 Anisyutkin, N. K. The paleolithic flake industry in Vietnam Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia [Anisyutkin, 2006 #28839]
Journal Article 2007 West, Jolee A. Differentiating bamboo from stone tool cut marks in the zooarchaeological record, with a discussion on the use of bamboo knives Journal of Archaeological Science [West, 2007 #28849]
Journal Article 2007 Marwick, Ben Approaches to flaked stone artefact archaeology in Thailand: a historical review Silpakorn University International Journal [Marwick, 2007 #28925]
Journal Article 2008 Norton, Cristopher J. The Movius Line sensu lato (Norton et al., 2006) further assessed and defined Journal of Human Evolution [Norton, 2008 #28923]
Journal Article 2008 Haslam, Michael The use of flaked stone artifacts in Palau, western Micronesia Asian Perspectives (2008) [Haslam, 2008 #29235]
Journal Article 1992 Loy, Thomas H. Direct evidence for human use of plants 28,000 years ago: starch residues on stone artefacts from the northern Solomon Islands Antiquity [Loy, 1992 #29355]
Journal Article 2008 Anderson, Atholl Edge-ground and waisted axes in the western Pacific Islands: implications for an example from the Yaeyama Islands, southernmost Japan Asian Perspectives (2008) [Anderson, 2008 #29412]
Journal Article 1980 Glover, I. C. A further note on flaked stone material from Seram, eastern Indonesia Asian Perspectives (1977) [Glover, 1980 #29649]
Journal Article 2006 Brumm, Adam Fire-making using a stone 'strike-a-light' in the Soa basin of Flores, Indonesia Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Brumm, 2006 #30024]
Book Section 1992 Sartono, S. The age of Sangiran flakes Man and his culture: a resurgence [Sartono, 1992 #24027]
Journal Article 2005 Nishimura, Masanari Attribute analysis of the Hoabinhian industry: implications from a comparative study of Bung Cave and Xom Trai Cave, northern Vietnam Journal of Southeast Asian Archaeology [Nishimura, 2005 #30210]
Journal Article 1965 Pei Wen-chung, Discovery of palaeolithic chert artifacts in Kuan-Yin-Tung Cave in Chien-Hsi-Hsien of Kweichow Province Vertebrata Palasiatica [Pei 1965 #30243]
Journal Article 1975 Glover, Ian C. Ethnographic and archaeological aspects of a flaked stone collection from Seram, Eastern Indonesia Asian Perspectives (1975) [Glover, 1975 #33196]