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Journal Article 2021 Bhattacharya, Sutonuka Modern reuse of ringstones: a case study from Eastern India Antiquity [Bhattacharya, 2021 #37127]
Book Section in a Series 1976 Arhem, Peter Traditional medicine in northern Thailand The Lampang Field Station: a Scandinavian research center in Thailand. 1969-1974 reports [Arhem, 1976 #25569]
Journal Article 1996 Etkin, Nina L. Ethnomedicine in Maluku, Eastern Indonesia Cakalele: Journal of Maluku Studies [Etkin, 1996 #28914]
Thesis-MA 1968 Tima, Rufino G. Reaction to health innovation: the case of two Kalinga villages [Tima, 1968 #36445]
Journal Article 1986 Laird, Peter F. Review of "An anthropology of curing in multiethnic Thailand" by Louis Golomb Journal of Asian Studies [Laird, 1986 #30310]
Book 1988 McNeely, Jeffrey A. Soul of the tiger : searching for nature's answers in exotic Southeast Asia [McNeely, 1988 #20835]
Journal Article 2001 Etkin, Nina L. Perspectives in ethnopharmacology: forging a closer link between bioscience and traditional empirical knowledge Journal of Ethnopharmacology [Etkin, 2001 #31809]
Book Section 1955 Hanks, Lucien M. Diphtheria immunization in a Thai community Health, culture, and community: case studies of public reactions to health programs [Hanks, 1955 #24419]
Journal Article 1963 Poshakrishna, Udom Geschichte der Chirurgie in Thailand 1828-1922 Journal of the Siam Society [Poshakrishna, 1963 #34139]
Book Section 1996 Rubel, Author J. Medical anthropology: contemporary theory and method Ethnomedicine [Rubel, 1996 #24579]
Book Section 1996 Etkin, Nina L. Ethnopharmacology: the conjunction of medical ethnography and the biology of therapeutic action Medical anthropology: contemporary theory and method Medical anthropology: contemporary theory and method [Etkin, 1996 #24576]
Journal Article 1996 Etkin, Nina L. Medicinal cuisines: diet and ethnopharmacology International Journal of Pharmacognosy [Etkin, 1996 #34719]
Journal Article 1998 Etkin, Nina L. Indigenous patterns of conserving biodiversity: pharmacologic implications Journal of Ethnopharmacology [Etkin, 1998 #34718]
Journal Article 1987 Tedlock, B. An interpretive solution to the problem of humoral medicine in Latin America Social Science and Medicine [Tedlock, 1987 #34474]
Book Section 1996 Rhodes, Lorna Amarasingham Studying biomedicine as a cultural system Medical anthropology: contemporary theory and method [Rhodes, 1996 #24672]
Book in a Series 1987 Brun, Viggo Traditional herbal medicine in northern Thailand [Brun, 1987 #21967]